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Knowing When Change Is Good

"If you don’t say yes to the calling on your heart, God will call someone else who will say yes." Michelle Hagen

Change was my word of the year. I always pick a word of the year for my birthday. The change that came this last year was NOT the change I thought God and I had planned for this year! But the changes that came were ones I didn't realize were shaping me to Emerge into this next year!

It's my birthday this week! So join me as I reflect on the change that happened for me and find out my new word of the year!

I also want to invite you to The Emerge Conference hosted by The Busy Years Podcast happening November 9th and 10th! We will look into the past, reflect and grow from it, and then emerge into 2021! We will vision cast our next year and you will leave with a new mindset and strategy for the next year!

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