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Hey Girl!

 I know life got a little crazy this year and things didn't go as we had planned in our life or in our business. So I called some of my besties and we created a conference that by the end you will walk away with the confidence you had going into 2020.

 Friend, I found the secret sauce of bringing together the best parts of

an in-person conference and an on-online.

13 speakers + Q&A + 2 group coaching sessions + bonuses + put together so a mom entrepreneur can attend = Magic 


The Emerge Conference

Hosted by

The Busy Years Podcast

November 9th and 10th



       13 Speakers will:

  • Help you identify and celebrate the transformations you have made this year and gain a new found confidence and overcome your limiting beliefs.

  • Help you create new marketing, sales, and media strategies to help you create big dreams and set goals you never dreamed were possible!


  • And at night we will come together to gather in community, dive in deeper for group coaching, and create the connections we have all been craving! 



  • Each speaker has also added in a bonus!

(But don't you worry, we have it set up so you can attend the trainings between the moments of motherhood and still interact with the speakers and ask questions!)  

The Best Black Friday Deal of the year just came early!

Oh my gosh friend, I didn't tell you the best part?! 


VIP Upgrade $425


Girl, I felt so passionate that you needed these trainings in your life and business so the speaker trainings, group coaching, video recordings, and bonus trainings are all yours! No extra buy-ups it's all included in your ticket! 


Watercolor Butterfly 9


Watercolor Butterfly 9


Watercolor Butterfly 9



Get ready for both personal growth and business education!

Meet The Speakers 



Personal Growth & Mindset


Overcome Imposter Syndrome by Befriending Your Inner Mean Girl

BONUS: "Inner Mean Girl" Workbook  - Value $100 

Susie Trigg Tucker

Imposter syndrome is thoughts our brain offers us that attempt to keep us stuck in our comfort zone. It even goes so far as to provide us with evidence that the thoughts of not being qualified or good enough are true! I say, imposter syndrome is orchestrated by our inner "Regina," aka inner "mean girl." She lives in all of us and is a version of ourselves that was born at some point in our life as a way to keep us safe from trauma. At her core, she comes from a place of love and protection. The way around her is toward her. This talk explores how to hear her, make eye contact with her, and lovingly tell her she doesn't have to run the show anymore.

The Busy Years Pintrest Pin.png

What You Have Control Of: Becoming Super Magnetic

BONUS: Foundation Workbook 

- Value $57

Emma Hicks

Diving into the masculine and feminine, I will connect you back to your desires and help you to draw awareness to WHERE you get to make decisions from in order to live a life in deep alignment. We will reflect on where we have been and drop into our true being as we navigate the unknown ahead.


Your Health Simplified

BONUS: Fit for Business The Morning Method Course 

- Value $197

Natalee Sticht

How to simplify nutrition, implement a consistent and sustainable fitness routine simply by re-writing your story


It's All A Numbers Game

Using Your Past To Impact Your Future

Michelle Hagen

Are you afraid to hear the word "no". Do you worry people are judging you and will never buy your product? In this training we will break down the mindset around creating your offer. You will walk away with the confidence to offer your product or service and know how to hit your goals!

Do you know how much your past effects what you do today? In our group training we are going to explore our past and discover how our past can show us what we are needing to take action on in the next year! 

eIMG_4202 (1).jpeg

The Ripple Effect

BONUS: Transforming your inner critic into your inner coach mini course - Value $179

Lauren Hyland

How emotions have a ripple effect on us mentally and physically. And some actionable tips on how to get yourself back to a neutral state.

The Busy Years Pintrest Pin 1.png

Choosing Your Path As a Multi-Passionate Person

BONUS: Monthly Goals Worksheet  - Value $17

Stephanie Bagley

Are you a multi passionate entrepreneur? Do you feel like you have shiny object syndrome and just bounce from one idea to the next?As a creative Enneagram seven I know all about this! But I also know how to build a business. Today we are going to talk about what to do when your multi passionate entrepreneur, how to tap in to your area genius and build a business that you’re excited about and proud of!


Marketing and Business Strategy 

stretch your wings & Emerge into 2021


You’re A Vision

BONUS: Vision Casting Worksheets  - Value $35

Cassie Friesen

Vision casting your future. Short and long term. And calming the body and brain response to finances, goals, and your partner if you’re planning with someone else.


Brick and Mortar Retail

BONUS: Statement Boutique Discount 

Bridget Kumm

In this training, you will learn they key things you need to create a store front and how to build a store that will bring people into your store front and buy online. 

The Busy Years Pintrest Pin 1.png

Master Your Marketing through Personal Branding

BONUS: How to Run a 5 Day Challenge in Facebook - Value $47

Nicole Nieves

Your brand is the essence of your business. Your vibe is your authenticity—the heartbeat of your brand. And that combination? That's where you win. Mastering your marketing is as easy as 1-2-3. Learn how to market your personal brand, curate your core brand stories, and leverage content marketing to attract your tribe with your vibe.


Moms Getting Media

BONUS: Rose All Day Party Plan For The Ultimate Girls Night and Memories in Moment's discount

- Value $35

Allison Carter

I'll teach how to get started in getting your business featured in various places to increase visibility and sales, how to craft your pitch and to dos and dont's when pitching a publication.

Hilary head shot 2.jpg

Authentically Show Up To Sell Out

BONUS: Free Story-selling training. How to write Story-selling emails that sell! - Value $197

Hilary Krueger

Looking over all the people who crush it. Who makes money quickly in their business. When you’re like HOW in the HECK did their business take off so fast?! What do these people have in common? They have these 4 things. Find out the secret to showing authentically yourself to sell out.

Earth & Spoon Sahar Shoot (16 of 17) (1)

How to Achieve Family Driven Success

BONUS: How to Use Pinterest to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic 

- Value $69

Sahar Twesigye

Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. Throw in raising a family to the mix and things could quickly spiral into overwhelm or ultimate burnout! In this inspiring talk, Sahar shares her story on how she started her business in the thick of having her 4 children after serving as a full time volunteer for over a decade. From navigating living on a low income, prenatal depression and imposter syndrome to name a few, all the way to growing a profitable business with Pinterest, she shares her insights and tips on how you can engineer success on your own terms, without sacrificing your family or sanity.

The Busy Years Pintrest Pin.png

Buyer Psychology To Land More Sales

BONUS: Breaking Down The 4 Types of Buyers to Sell More Workbook  - Value $45

Michelle Hagen

We all know who our ideal clients are, but do you know how they buy? In this training we break down the 4 types of buyers and how to sell to them. We will get inside your buyer mind during the process of buying your product or service. After this training you will know items you can review and change in your sale pitch and sales page.

The Busy Years Pintrest Pin.png

Efficient Business Building - Tried and true strategies to amplify your efforts minus the burn out.

BONUS: Not Your Mama’s Self Care - What Will Actually Make You Feel Fulfilled and Renewed

- Value $274

Chelsea Wessman

A recording of a private training given only to my Path to Productivity Insiders - a private group coaching program. Practical tools and strategies to get your mojo back and finally take care of yourself without the guilt.

Total Bonus Value $1,300+

Wait Did We Tell You All Of The Bonus Trainings Are Included? 

No extra upgrade, our holiday gift to you! 


Founders Conference Price $57


Come tired and girl you're going to to leave inspired!!

Hey Girl! 

We get it, life can be crazy busy! So we have created this conference in a way you can access the trainings from anywhere and will get to ask our experts your Q and A questions right in the comments of the training and they will be there to respond!


All trainings will take plave between 9am and 2pm cst 

Can't make it no problem you will have lifetime access to the trainings!

Our live group coaching will take place on November 9th and 10th at 8pm cst 

Take some time to yourself to join us in community, have someone put the kids to bed, brag your favorite drink, and join us in your comfy close to dive in deeper!  

Mama you might come tired, but you are gonna leave inspired!! 




When is it? 

Monday November 9th and Tuesday November 10th - facebook trainings will be between 9am till 2pm cst and we will meet live as a group at 8pm cst.


What if I can’t make it to watch live? 

All expert trainings are recorded and will live in the facebook group. Our group coachings sessions, will have the main section recorded of each training and will be posted to the facebook group. 


Will we get to ask the experts a Q&A?

Each expert will be live in the comments of their trainings to answer any questions!


Will this event work for my niche? 

YEP! If your business or brand is focused on your client / customer / consumer, then it’s exactly what you need. 


What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be emailed an invite to our facebook group where all of our trainings and bonuses will be housed. 


How long do I have to rewatch the trainings?

You will have access to the group for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 1 month's notice beforehand. We know motherhood is busy so if you can’t make it to the live trainings they will be there for you to go back and watch!


How is the conference different from other online conferences? 

This conference has been specifically made for you! We are tailoring this so no matter how crazy life might get you can still participate! We have created a line up unique to what women are needing right now in this season. By the end of this conference you will feel centered to yourself, have the conference you need to chase your dreams into 2021, and a vision casting plan for the next year!

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