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Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur

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Almost three years ago, I ate my words and quit my corporate job to stay home with my babies. I always thought I would be a supermom who does it all—homemade holiday school treats and all. Until I realized that wasn't the mama I was being called to be. God placed it on my heart to pause, listen, and dream in ways I didn't know my soul truly needed.


During this pause I realized something significant: I need to be my own boss. To take all the skills I learned in business, sales, marketing, and life and use them to 

impact women in their business and life


So my friend, let's pull a seat up to the table and dig in! Let's find the deepest dreams and goals of your heart, and make them happen.

My Mission

I want every entrepreneur to feel confident and passionate about what they’re selling to reach goals they never dreamed were possible!

Being an entrepreneur can be hard and lonely. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, settle into a state of contentment, and simply stop chasing bigger goals in business and life. I’m passionate about coming alongside other women entrepreneurs who are ready to take action in their sales and marketing—and take their business and life to new heights! 


I had a musical theater and pole vault scholarship in college.

Drink of choice is a spicy marg and Starbucks Pumpkin Cold Foam Cold Brew

I can't live without my mama tribe.

It takes a village to raise two spirited boys!

I met my husband in high-school

working at the local community center.

My dream vacation would be to attend the summer Olympics. I feel like I may need to go more than once to get all the sports in I want to see! 

 I love yoga but really I go for the savasana

Michelle Hagen | Michelle Ann Hagen | Sales Coach | Sale Stratagist | Women Entrepreneur

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