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How to Increase Your Impact with Podcasting

"Remember that having a podcast is a long-term game. It is not a sprint. It is a very long marathon.

I'm the first person to admit that there are a lot of things I messed up back in those days, but that's how you learn." - Tammy Munson

Tammy Munson - Michelle Hagen

A military wife, mom of two adult daughters, and an expert in all things podcasting, I am so excited to have Tammy Munson on my show today!

Tammy started editing podcasts in 2005 as a “favor” to friends, but quickly realized she had a natural talent and passion for it, so she created her business, Tammy Munson Creative, and started helping other women podcasters as her full-time career.

She hosts the "Creative Cast” podcast and works with all kinds of podcasters - from those just launching to those who’ve been at it for years. Tammy has incredible skills editing, producing, coaching, and even with podcast web design! She really does it all!

3 Big Tips to Improve Your Podcast:

1) Determine your "why." Ask yourself, "Why are you doing a podcast? Who is your

audience? Who are you serving? What is your message?" Just like in anything, we can

experience burn out, or as Tammy calls it, "pod fade" if you don't have a solid purpose

behind your efforts. Find your purpose. Dig deep and really discover why you are doing

what you are doing then use that as your motivation to work hard and keep going.

2) Invest in a good mic. Tammy references a few of her favorite mics in this episode, but

ultimately she said you need to do the research for yourself and find one that will work best

for you. It doesn't have to be absurdly expensive either, but please don't use your computer

microphone, says Tammy.

3) Listen as a listener, not as a podcaster. This is where hiring an editor can come in handy,

too, but if you aren't there quite yet, try to listen to your audio like a listener would. Does it

sound good? Is there background noise or other things you should edit to make your podcast

even better?

If you’ve dreamt of hosting your own podcast, or just want to connect with another “mompreneur” - Tammy is your girl. This episode is packed with amazing tips and tricks, plus loads of encouragement and wisdom that you do not want to miss out on.

You can find out more about Tammy’s services, and get her free training “How to Launch a Podcast in 6 Weeks” on her website HERE.

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