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Welcome To the 

Living Your Calling Blog

Formally known as The Busy Years Podcast and Blog.

The podcast is where I bring together dreams, parenthood and business!

Think of this as your weekly BFF chat for real life stories to inspires and educate you!

We are here to encourage you to chase your biggest dreams and

most importantly step into what you were called to do.!

Hey Friend! 

        Meet Michelle 

I'm a Midwest wife and mama to two spirited boys

I’m an enneagram 3w4, wife and a crunchy, chicken nugget, yoga pants wearing mom of two boys. My longest relationship is with Grey’s Anatomy, I enjoy long strolls alone in Target, Pumpkin Cold Foam Cold Brew is my coffee order, I’m the friend who gets the pictures of odd things asking if this is normal, I love yoga but really I go for the savasana, I am everyone’s instant friend, I might not make you a home cooked meal, but I sure as heck will pick you up something from Costco. I have a new found love of hiking and gardening. If I could go anywhere for a day I would love to meet Chip and Jo!

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