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The 3 Buyers You're Probably Not Selling To Correctly

40% of your sales come from the fence sitters who needs you to emotionally convince them why they need your product or service before it goes away.- Michelle Hagen

Michelle Hagen

You put your offer out for the world and you’re disappointed in the results of your launch. You think this was the perfect offer for my ideal client why didn't more people buy? If I had to guess you were only selling to 1 type of buyer when there are actually THREE different types of buyers!

In this episode we are going to break down how to sell to the three types of buyers and what you need to be providing to them in order for them to make a purchase!

The Three Buyers Covered In This Episode:

1. Spenders - The buy as soon as the car opens

2. Researchers - They need to see testimonials, compare your product or service to others, they want to to see the results and outcomes of your product or service.

3. The Fence Sitters - You have to emotionally convince them to buy and give them the fear of missing out. These buyers will wait till cart close to buy, but make up 40% of your buyers.


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