The 3 Numbers You Need To Know In Your Business

"If you don't keep track of your numbers, you're going to get to a point in your business where you want to grow and expand, and you won't be able to." - Michelle Hagen

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What if knowing 3 numbers in your business could grow your sales, income, and business? In today's episode I have the honor of being interviewed by Stephanie Bagley from The Dream Makers Podcast. We discuss the 3 crucial numbers that all business owners need to know to grow your business and increase your sales!

1. How many people did your offer get in front of?

- How many people heard you pitch your product? How many people viewed your post on

social media?

2. What is your conversion rate?

- Take the number of people who purchased your product divided by the number of people in

question #1, the number of people your offer got in front of.

- For example, if your offer got in front of 100 people and 20 of those people bought your

product or service, that would give you a 20% conversion rate.

3. How many people do you need to hit your goal?

- First, determine what your sales goal is going to be. Then take your sales goal divided by

your product cost to get the number of sales you need to reach your goal. Next, take your