Emotional Intelligence and Ripple Effect Of Your Emotions

“Try not to classify your emotions as bad or good. Emotions are emotions you shouldn’t feel guilty about feeling something. What you should do is figure out why you are feeling something in the first place.” - Lauren Hyland

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Lauren Hyland - Michelle Hagen

As moms we have all lost our shiz and sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. One thing happens and we snap or get upset, not really knowing exactly why it happened. Our emotions are connected to all five of our senses and travel through our bodies. But have you ever stopped to think about the effect these emotions on your body, those around you and your business. Today we are talking with Lauren Hyland about the ripple effect of our emotions and why emotional intelligence is so important! This is am episode that is going to give you tools to handle the upcoming family gatherings with more confidence and grace for yourself!

“Lauren’s trendy title is ’The Female Empower(er)’ but what that actually means is she is a life & business coach who focuses on personality assessment, emotional intelligence and purpose to empower female entrepreneurs and business owners. She is married to her college sweetheart Ryan, has 2 crazy toddlers and coaches girls volleyball at her alma mater. Lauren is an enneagram 8, hyper choleric so there won’t be any fluff, like ever.”