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The Ins and Outs of Clubhouse with Annabelle Bayhanogullarindan


Did you hear there is a new app in town - Clubhouse - and we aren't talking about Micky Mouse's Clubhouse!

This new social app is making big waves and is changing the face of social connections! This app only uses audio and connects you to people outside of your circle as well as some of the biggest business experts in the industry!

Annabelle Bayhanogullarindan and I are breaking down the ins and outs of Clubhouse for you in today's episode! We are going to tell you how to navigate the app, make connections, and to use Clubhouse for your business!

In this conversation, we covered:

  • What is Clubhouse

  • What the inside of Clubhouse looks like

  • How to set up your bio

  • What Rooms You Want to get In

  • How to Network

  • Clubhouse Clubs

  • How to use Clubhouse for Business

Where to connect with Annabelle:

Join the waitlist for Clubhouse for Bosses by texting CLUBHOUSE to 33777.

Check out Annabelle's video & quick demo of the Clubhouse App Here


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