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The "Scrappy" Approach To Getting Featured

"We want eyeballs on our businesses, because eyeballs on our business usually mean sales. So getting that meeting can help with that - the visibility and the street cred. We want people to know we exist." - Allison Carter

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Allison Carter - Michelle Hagen

Our first ever repeat guest here on the show, Allison Carter, teaches us all things media and how to get featured on your dream media outlet - we're talking Oprah, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and more! She is a Seattle mom of two and the founder and CEO of Allison Carter Celebrates. Allison is all about helping make busy mom’s lives easier and way more fun with her special occasion subscription boxes, and is now opening the doors to teach you how to be "scrappy" and successful when it comes to getting your business in media. Allison and her business has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, and more and she now coaches other small businesses to get featured as well! Listen in or read below to learn how to get more eyes on your business!

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Michelle Hagen 0:00

All right, friends, I am so excited to bring back the first person who is a comeback for a second time on the podcast. Alison Carter celebrates who is the queen of parties and now the queen of scrappy media. And so today we're going to talk about how to get yourself seen in a media outlet. So Alison, welcome back to the show.

Allison Carter 0:23

Thank you repeat guests. That is what I mean fancy fancy fancy pants.

Michelle Hagen 0:29

You are fancy pants. It was like yesterday, it dawned on me, I was like, ah, we've reached a new level of a return guest.

Allison Carter 0:36

But time to up level, it's a sign.

Michelle Hagen 0:40

But I'm so excited that we're bringing you on and that you're getting to talk about the other side of your business that a lot of people don't necessarily know about that you do, because it's kind of new and upcoming. And before it was like behind the door, if you knew where the magic curtain was, you could get into Allison's

Allison Carter 0:58

secret club status. It's still a little secret club status, because I think that that makes it a little fun. But yeah, I I'm coming out of the hole, like opening the closet door and saying like, Hello, I'm doing this now kind of sort of come join the fun. But yeah, I'm excited to talk about it and get these listeners of yours off their booties in into where they would love to see their business. So we're gonna we're gonna we're only talking to action takers today.

Michelle Hagen 1:27

Yes. Well, I'd love to chat first. So the last time we had you on the podcast, we were trying to figure out ending school and what is it going to look like to make the summer feel special? Because there was like, no true end to anything. And now we're halfway through the school year over halfway, and your kids finally went back to school. Oh, and so I would love for you to chat about I've just been talking a lot with guests about what is your current mom working life situation looking like for you?

Allison Carter 2:02

Yeah, so the heavens opened up. I've seen the light, I pushed my kids towards it. And we are now like, actually working from home in a way that's like the working is actually happening. And we're not just like at home pretending. So Abby went back to she's seven. She's in first grade, she went back to hybrid in person school. So she's there for half, four half days. And then we are part of a neighborhood pod school where she on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, she goes to the pod school after school and then all day Wednesday, because you know, apparently we can't go to school five days a week. So she's their husband's in full time preschool. And my husband and I are on opposite ends of the house, like completely separated texting each other are you still home and actually had dog getting some work done. And so I really do feel like I can just breathe because I have never had to deal with my kids being mad at me for working or resentful because I started my business when they were three and six months old. It's all they knew. But they also either were a baby and don't have any memories, or they were at school. And so I built my business when they were at school. So they didn't see the day to day they didn't see how many people mommy talks to or the interviews that I do. And it has to be quiet or you know, sit down and working. They didn't see that. And so this year, they've had a front row seat and they're also now seven and four. And so they are very tuned in to the fact that mommy's not paying attention to me. She's choosing work over us and that has been Oh, something I really I'm not a mom guilt person. I never have been Intel this year have been like you guys are always number one. But there's also a bunch of stuff that I have to do just because you're home that doesn't change. And so we've had do a lot of expectations, a lot of time blocking, setting a lack of like routine building of Okay, Alexa goes off, mommy's on, and then mommy's back and but now I at least have three days during the week, about nine to 330 that I can just breathe, be by myself and not be interrupted constantly because it is just one of those most frustrating things in the world to start a project and then mom can I watch my iPad like how long like I have a lollipop Look, I found a lollipop under the couch and I'm just like, please leave me alone. Like please just give me a solid 30 minutes moms are superheroes we can do so much in 30 minutes to an hour. I want to get interrupted a million times I can't do a whole lot in five minutes. And so I do feel like there's this coming out stage of life where things are getting to be a little bit more light a little bit more Reasonable unrealistic, and I'm able to be mom again, instead of working when they're home all the time, Mom, yes,

Michelle Hagen 5:08

I can totally relate to that. And we've been having the same thing because the boys are two years older than when I kind of started doing stuff. And before it seemed easier to do stuff, but like, it's like a different, like, now I could put them in front of a TV or an activity, and they could do it, but they still come interrupt you, but at the same time, they get pissed when I bought. I don't know what it is. But facture hates that. Like he can listen like have a podcast going and it's fine. But if I am like Vox serene, while in the car, or whatever. Like I have a text, I'm yeah, I'm not texting, and I'm just holding it in talking. Yeah, he gets mad. And like he literally will scream until I stopped doing it. And so we've had to be like, well, this is like bombs like working and how you know, it's juggling that in between. But I can totally relate to like having that resent because you're working or you're always up in your office? Well, yeah, mommy has to earn coins. That's what we always say. But

Allison Carter 6:17

well, we I mean, we're in the middle of a big renovation right now. And we're and like, it's one of those things where you know, you get to make your room literally however you want to do, but we pay like that cost money. Like we it costs money to move to the place that we are living in, it costs money to do the things we're doing in horse riding lessons, which Yay, her for picking literally the most expensive activity that you can pick, but she's so in love with it. And so we're happy to do it. Because she's so so happy. And it's teaching a lot of responsibility. But we're very vocal with her about how expensive that activity choice is. And that we do have to, you know, be a little bit mindful of the money that was coming in. And I say, you know, when mommy's working on boxes, or when mommy's talking to other mommies helping them with their business, that is helping pay for your horse riding. And so I think I'm very vocal about Mommy, as always helping other mommies. And I get to help other mommies have fun with their kids. And I get to help other mommies grow their businesses. And that helps me and us as a family, go on vacation that helps us be able to buy the things that we want to buy that makes it so you can get new bedding, whatever it is, like, go ride your horse or have soccer on the weekends or, you know, whatever it is, and there I do feel like just in the past couple months, they've started to realize that because things in their life are starting to get a little bit more tangible. Like they can see the house kind of becoming a house so they get it a little bit more or she goes to riding lessons. So she gets it and understands like this is money and new boots and all the gear and everything. So Hudson is still oblivious to everything but at least is still understanding a little bit Hudson's the one that takes my boxer and continues the message like, so he's like, I that I did a Batman and have you seen Star Wars and like a boxing bag, interrupting my audio dmws like, I want to go on this thing. And I'm like, Oh my God, we just finished this message all on audio like to these poor people I'm talking to and I'm like, well, this is what it's like to work with me. I mean, and this is why I help other moms because they get it and they get interrupted on a call with you know, your kid whispering in his Batman reel. Like that's just part of it. And that's part of life and I can still build businesses and help others while answering my kids telling them nobody that means not real.

Michelle Hagen 8:45

Yeah. Oh, the voxer I have to say so Alison, we are in a group boxer. And Thatcher had my phone. Like when I shower. He gets to play kids Khan Academy on my phone like because then I know where he's at. And I can