Infant and Pregnancy Loss - Honoring Baby Ethan

It's ok to take one day, one hour, minute at a time. You are not alone. 1 in 4 pregnant women

go through a loss - Tedi Palmer

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October 15th is infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. Today we are honoring all of the babies that are no longer on this side of heaven. We encourage you on October 15th light a candle at 7pm to help create a wave of light around the world. The hope is that no matter the time of the day for 47 hours a light will be lit in honor of the babies no longer on this side of heaven.

We were honored to have Tedi Palmer share her infertility, pregnancy, and infant loss. She shared her journey with infertility for seven years, her miracle baby Kason, and the loss of baby Ethan. We pray that this episode brings you comfort if you have experienced a loss or helped you understand how to help friends who are going through a loss.

Tedi Palmer, a wife, a mom to miracle Kason, and stillborn Ethan. You'll find our journey through secondary infertility, pregnancy loss, and how life moves on even during great trials.

In this episode we covered: