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The Pivot You Need In Your Life

I hope quarantine help you realize that you don't need to live and die by your job. Your family deserves to get time together work free. - Michelle Hagen

Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Have you been feeling like all you have done this year is go from one thing to the next and pivoted and then pivoted again in life and business? Well sister your not alone! We are all feeling like Ross from friends yelling PIVOT as they tried to get the couch up the apartment stairs. So let's chat about the pivots the first half as 2020 has forced us to do.

You're not a bad mom for realizing you needed to change, for deciding you were done with home schooling your kids, for changing your business, for putting other things first. You just realized this year what matters, what works, and for sure what didn't!


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- You can do this mama, in the middle of motherhood no matter how busy the years get! -

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Loved readinng this thank you

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