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How to make money while you sleep with an online business.

Build your future right now in the mom cracks - Stephanie Bagley

Stephanie Bagley | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Want to know what it feels like to make money in your sleep? It feels amazing to know that your business can run while you sleep or while the world is on hold for a pandemic. My friend you have something inside you that could help you make residual income or your if you own a business you for SURE have a source of creating a residual income! So get ready to laugh and man I wish you could have seen Stephanie's hands talking with her while we recorded because she is priceless!

In this episode Stephanie Bagley talks about creating residual and how you can create that threw a course or a membership site!

Stephanie is a mom of 3 kids, successful Utah photographer, podcaster and online business owner. She has a passion for teaching other mompreneurs how to create passive income so they can continue to thrive and build a life they love…all while they are sleeping. She launched her membership site, Dream Makers Tribe in February 2020 which is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs find education, coaching and community. She currently serves over 2,000 women through her photography business and podcast and has been a guest speaker for the Utah Leading Ladies and Women’s Council of Realtors of Utah County as well as other platforms. When she’s not busy creating, you can find her playing with her kids, catching up on the latest NCIS episode with her hubby or traveling with her family.

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Creating passive income to thrive and build a business and life you love

  • Taking your pain and turning it into blessing

  • Finding and taking courses by people who knowledgeable in your business venture

  • Creating revenue streams of passive income, specifically through courses and membership sites

  • Using your skills and journey to create and teach a course or create a membership site

  • The different types of membership site options and how each can be used

  • The pros and cons of courses and membership sites

  • Ways to make creating membership sites less stressful and easily attainable

  • Finding your own pace and rhythm and not comparing your success to those around you

  • Finding peace with your progress and not letting imposter syndrome take over


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