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Summer Series 2021: Leaning Into Your Calling

"Leaning into it, does it feel right? Your intuition will never mislead you when you know its the right time to make that shift." - Britt Goff

Britt Goff - Michelle Hagen

With a start in sports marketing and multiple business pivots along the way, Britt Goff is the founder of Wheat and Honey Co., a product shop that partners with artists around the world to craft hand painted Bibles, Bible studies, apparel, and devotionals. Each purchase enables her team to gift hand painted Bibles to the women rescued from human trafficking by the Freedom Shield Foundation team. Wheat and Honey Co. also hosts events, with the next up being the Seaside, FL Beach Retreats this Fall. Britt is the host of the Wheatful Woman Podcast and believes in the opportunity, as women, to live a rich and meaningful life through our relationship with Christ. Britt enjoys business coaching and speaking engagements to spur women on in life and business.

Today's episode is one you do not want to miss! I had a wonderful time chatting with Britt and diving right in to the real and the honest parts of running a business, struggling with infertility, seeking God, building relationships, and so much more!

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- You can do this mama, in the middle of motherhood no matter how busy the years get! -

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