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Summer Series 2021: Finding Your Community

"Everyone has something of value to share; that is what a real community is. If you feel like you can't share, then I feel like we need to take another look around." - Madison Anaya

Madison Anaya - Michelle Hagen

Madison Anaya is your community-obsessed gal who knows everyone and is my business bestie wing woman. She’s the host of The Fearless Chase, a business education and lifestyle platform and community that helps female creative entrepreneurs build businesses and lives centered around what truly matters to them. Her mission is to connect women with top experts to help them grow their business in a sustainable way with a group of like-minded women by their side. She believes that whoever said you shouldn’t mix business and play was totally doing it wrong.

Listen in to our conversation today to learn more about the importance of finding your community, how to connect with your people, and how to bring a little "boujee on the rise" to your life!

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Where to connect with Madison:

Website - Check out her Fearless Chase Academy HERE!


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