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Summer Series 2021: Advocating for Yourself

"It's about communication and advocating for what you want. It's ok to use your voice and advocate for those things, because if not, you're going to feel trapped for a very long time."

- Catie McHardy

Catie McHardy - Michelle Hagen

The queen of empowering women and one of the very few people I know who can rock purple hair, Catie McHardy is a mom of 4 kids 5 and under. She is your body loving mama who helps moms and women find their spark. Catie loves Coke Zero and advocating for women who don't feel seen or heard!

Join Catie and I in our conversation today where we discuss finding harmony in motherhood and business with a huge focus on speaking out for YOU and what you want and need! We talk about how to stand up for yourself, how to find what makes you happy, and how to live life more fulfilled.

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