Showing Up on Instagram Stories

"It's really important to connect with those people right after they start to follow you and nurture the crap out of them. Then when they are looking for those services, you're top of mind." - Dana Bowling

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Dana Bowling - Michelle Hagen

Being a casting director responsible for casting actors on major networks like Disney, ABC, and FOX may seem like a dream job to some, but for Dana, something was missing. After 15 years as a casting director, Dana Bowling discovered her love for coaching. She began coaching child actors, but soon found she could help far more than just those in showbiz. Her focus is now on helping others "show up and speak up" authentically and successfully on social media. In today's conversation, we discuss how to find confidence to show up on social media and loads of important tips on posting online, especially on Instagram stories, to capture your audience and nurture relationships with your followers.

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