Decluttering Your Home and Mind 15 Minutes At A Time

"We get to choose how we want to move forward. If you don't want to be busy all the time, you can have that choice. We don't have to fall victim to this societal norm that that's the way motherhood has to be. It is all about this choice in what we focus on and what we prioritize."

- Renae Fieck

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Renae Fieck - Michelle Hagen

We all have that desk that gets piled high with who-knows-what each day, right? Or what about all those art projects our sweet kids bring home from school? Just like the overwhelming clutter we may feel in our homes at times, our minds also get overwhelmed with "mental clutter." Both the physical and mental clutter in our lives can be tidied up with a few simple steps to provide us a much more peaceful and happy space in our homes and in our minds.

An occupational therapist and mom of 3, Renae is the queen of all things "declutter." She advocates for moms who desire more grace, space, and rest within their lives. In today's episode we discuss what decluttering truly means and how we can implement better habits to more consistently declutter our homes and our minds.

Quotes I loved:

"Most moms are spending between 3 and 5 hours a day cleaning up. The research s