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Owning Your Season of Life

"I think there are two seasons that we have, it's either a time to rest and recover or a time to accelerate. You can not have a growing season if you have not had a resting season."

- Sarah Darby

Sarah Darby | Michelle Hagen

At times, life can feel overwhelming. No surprise there, right?! Thank goodness there is hope! By taking a step back and focusing on what's most important, you can become more peaceful, profitable, and productive in both your personal life and in your business! In today's episode, we dive into the different seasons of our lives and how we can better recognize and own the season we are in.

Sarah Darby has been an entrepreneur for 12 years, mom for nearly 7 years, and a lover of Jesus and people for all 36 of her years. She studied commercial music in Nashville, TN and had dreams of working in the music business. After battling cancer at the age of 23, Sarah's priorities shifted and God gave her a dream of influencing people in a different way. She opened a voice and music studio in the Dallas area and has served thousands of clients over the last 12 years.

Sarah has fallen in love with coaching and mentoring with a great passion for supporting women in their businesses and dreams. She uses her successful entrepreneurial experience as well as the difficult things she has overcome to help women become more peaceful, productive, and profitable.

Quotes I loved:

"I think there are two seasons that we have, it's either a time to rest and recover or a time to accelerate. So if I am in a season of accelerating and of growing, then on the flip side, there has to be a season of rest and recover; and if I am in a season of rest and recovery, it's because I am going to be coming into a season of growth. You can not have a growing season if you have not had a resting season."

"If I could just be patient and lean in, soon enough when the time was right, I would be growing and moving and shaking again and I'd be prepared because I had been present and recovered during that previous season...super important that you recognize the season you are in and take ownership of that season."

"Ask yourself the magic question: What is not working for me right now?"

"If you're feeling out of alignment, it very well could be that you have unrealistic expectations that are connected with this present season."

"If you find yourself saying things like that about someone else who is resting, recovering, playing, having fun, enjoying their life, and you feel trigger by it...then it is probably a really good indication that that's actually what you need, that you need some rest in your life."

"What budget are you operating in? I'm not talking about finances; I'm talking about the energy and capacity that you have."

"If you are resting, you are preparing for the next thing."

"This too shall pass. Every single hard thing comes to an end."

"'Not now' does not mean 'not ever'."

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Finding the season of life you are in and how to "surrender to that season"

  • Difference between seasons of growth and acceleration vs rest and recovery

  • Recognizing and owning the season you are in

  • Doing what is best for you

  • Identifying seasons of growth vs rest in your business

Where to connect with Sarah:

Peaceful Productivity Course


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