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Music and Motherhood

"That's why we wrote it. It was to relate to other moms in the same time of life where we are raising these little kids. We are so tired but it is also so worth it because we are literally forming the next generation." - Lydia Walker

Lydia Walker - Michelle Hagen

Singer/songwriter, Lydia Walker, is passionate about all things music and motherhood. A mother of two littles herself, she loves to write songs about her experience going through the parenting journey. Her recent song "Mom Life" went viral as other moms related to the message that motherhood is demanding, but also so rewarding. Lydia's goal is to encourage and inspire others to rely on God for their strength, and know that they were made for this. In this episode she reminds us that we are strong, but sometimes we just need to breathe, take a break, and call on God for support. As I am sure many of you can relate, being a parent can be so exhausting at times, but so worth it at the same time. Join me in my conversation with Lydia today.

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