Decide To Rise To Your Dreams

“Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. Even if you fail the first time, it doesn’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction. You just might need to try a couple of things until you finally figure out the thing you know you’re supposed to be doing. Small failures aren’t a big deal, they're just pointing you into the right direction.” - Mandy Arioto

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Mandy Arioto - Michelle Hagen

Motherhood can often feel like you’re on an island without a lifeline to grab hold of. Moms can feel isolated in their role as mother and begin to wonder if this is all that life will ever be. Dreaming something bigger for herself seems impossible because of all the plates she already has spinning, hoping that one doesn’t fall to the ground and shatter. But there’s good news, my friends. Believe it or not, in this crazy world we find ourselves living in today, there is a community out there just for you that says you are worth it and you can do it!

Today’s episode is all about Deciding to Rise and Follow Your Dreams. I have the immense privilege of speaking with Mandy Arioto, the President and CEO of MOPS International which influences millions of moms through thousands of groups internationally. Mandy is widely known for her unique take on parenting, relationships, spiritual, and cultural issues. She speaks into the lives of millions of women and today, my friend, she is speaking into your life. So grab your coffee, snuggle up and get ready for the encouragement you’ve been needing.

Quotes I loved:

“[MOPS] is just a safe place to bear all the things that are heavy on our heart but also have people cheer us on.”