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Incorporating Spiritual Gifts Into Your Business

"What makes your soul sing? What makes you feel alive? That is the correct truth that we need to be following." - Kacy Barron

Kacy Barron - Michelle Hagen

Lately I have heard a few buzz words floating around the business arena: soul, spirit, and manifestation. What do these words even mean? It seems on trend at the moment to talk about these "spiritual manifestations" that people are having in their lives and businesses, but do we even understand what that means?

Today we dive in to all things desires, goals, hopes, and manifestations with my friend, Kacy Barron. Kacy is an energy and manifestation coach living in Florida. She provides courses and coaching for people who wish to heal their relationship with money, with spirit, and discover their own spiritual gifts. Combining modalities of mediumship, energy healing, and mindset work, she helps people tap into higher frequencies so they can create a life they love.

Incorporating spiritual gifts into one's business often requires connecting with a higher power, whether that is God or spirits or whatever higher power you believe in. For me personally, I use prayer as a way to communicate with God and determine His will for me so that I can then make the appropriate course adjustments in my life and my business to follow His guidance and direction.

I love what Kacy shares in this episode about our ability and power over our own lives. We need to connect with our higher power, but we also have so much power in ourselves! We are not just victims that have to let things happen to us. We have the power to shift things in our lives to bring about those things which we most desire; that is the power of manifestations!

Ask yourself, what makes your soul sing? What makes you feel alive? Tune in to those things that speak to your heart and soul and move forward with those feelings. Those feelings are what show you your correct truth that you need to follow.

Whether you recognize it or not, the spirit is always guiding you. Try to focus in on those beautiful gifts of the spirit that you have been given and recognize how you are being lead. Listen in to my conversation with Kacy to learn more about spiritual gifts and how to incorporate them in all aspects of your life's journey.

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