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Gaining Confidence and Control On and Off the Court

"I try to focus on the things that are in my control and if I were to start thinking about the negatives, then I think I wouldn't be where I am right now." - Lauren Stivrins

Lauren Stivrins - Michelle Hagen

3 time All-American, 2018 NCAA Championship All-Tournament Team, 2017 national champion, creator of the Stivrins slide, host of the On Set podcast with Nick and Lo, newly crowned Queen on Nebraska Volleyball, and the godmother to my youngest son, ladies and gentlemen, I am beyond excited and honored to have my lifelong friend and sister by choice, Lauren Stivrins, join me on the show today.

Having known each other basically our entire lives, I am lucky enough to have had a front-row seat watching Lauren's progression over the years, both on and off the volleyball. Lauren has an unmatched determination and drive for success that is clear to anyone who knows her.

Lauren has had a once in a lifetime opportunity to have 6 years in college being a part of a once in a lifetime team, the University of Nebraska volleyball team. (Go Huskers!)

Through her 6 years at Nebraska, Lauren has learned a wealth of information about herself as an individual, as a volleyball player, as a team captain, and as a leader. In our discussion she emphasizes focusing on what you can control in life, in particular, your sleep, your eating habits and nutrition, your energy, and your effort.

While it may have taken her a few years to learn these 4 principles, she said they make a world of difference and she finally thinks she's got them down. In regard to these 4 practices, Lauren said, "Now that I have figured out what focusing on myself actually entails, it's been a whole different me. I am a much more mentally sound person because of it."

Though injuries, tragedies, and tough decisions have crossed Lauren's path, she has determined to set her sights high and take the necessary steps to reach her goals. In today's episode, Lauren shares some of that journey with me of how she has become the player she is today, what challenges she faced along the way, who impacted her the most, and where she hopes to head next.

Join me in my conversation with Lauren to learn more about her experiences as a Nebraska Husker, to hear some of her top moments in the Devaney Center, and to see if the Olympics might be in her future someday.

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