From Gardening To Soap - Skills To Become More Self-Sufficient

"The garden is really like a teaching ground...If you're just growing one basil plant and you're incorporating that into chili or spaghetti or whatever, I think it's awesome for your kids to see and know where those come from and maybe get a little bit of science along the way." - Shelly Scott

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Shelly Scott - Michelle Hagen

Shelly helps aspiring homesteaders and makers learn old-fashioned skills to live more self-sufficient lifestyles. She lives in the country with her husband and two young kiddos and is in process of renovating an1895 farmhouse. She thrives on teaching others, loves a good cup of french press coffee, and wants to educate people on the value of clean skincare products you can make yourself. Take a listen (or read below) today's episode to learn how you can find the courage to start one step at a time and gain the confidence to grow your own garden, make your own soap, find more natural, sustainable products and resources, and so much more!

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