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Finding Joy and Learning to Thrive Through Infertility

"You are complete now and you will be complete then, too. Lean into 'I am enough here in this moment.' I know that is easier said than done and requires so much space and grace, but it really is powerful when you start to notice, shift, and play with those beliefs, because it brings your power back." - Michelle Streeter

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Michelle Streeter - Michelle Hagen

One of my greatest takeaways from today's conversation with Michelle Streeter is that you are not alone, friend! Infertility and the many struggles that accompany it are more prevalent than you may think. Many women, including Michelle, have navigated these difficult roads and want to be there for you. You can find hope and joy in this difficult season of life and can move beyond just surviving, to thriving! Listen in to hear Michelle's experience and how she uses her story to remind others that they are not alone and that you can walk this road, too. You are loved, my friend, and I want you to know that you are seen, you are valued, and you are complete right where you are.

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Michelle Hagen 0:00

Alright friends, I am so excited to introduce you guys to my new friend Michelle, I always love introducing other Michelle's when you're like, Hi, I'm Michelle, and meet my friend, Michelle. So Michelle, I am so excited to chat with you and for us to bring awareness to this special week of IVF and infertility and what that looks like, because so many women walk through it and walk through it in so many different ways. And there's so many different emotions tied to it. And I just love how you are inspiring women. And you are showing women how to walk this journey while you are in the messy middle of it currently right now, and you are inspiring women. So I thought that what a better person to bring on during this week to kind of speak to the women that we know that someone that is going to listen to this is going through this journey. So welcome to the show.

Michelle Streeter 0:54

Thanks so much for having me, I'm so excited to be here. And I'm so grateful that you're creating space for this on your podcast, because I felt like this is a topic that is just not talked about enough and that so many women need to hear that they are not alone if they are one of the people who are walking this path. And I'm a big believer that it's like so possible to really thrive through the season, even though it is really hard some days. And most importantly, if like I could use my story to help someone feel less alone, like I'm here for it all day, every day.

Michelle Hagen 1:26

Yeah. And it is it's one of those things that there's so many more women that are going through it, then we realize, I mean, I have my own journey, but it's not near kind of what yours was, I was just told you're never gonna have children naturally. So I'm talking to us, like when you're actually ready to have kids. And then I tried like, a whole bunch of other things. And, you know, and it worked. And it was one of those things. Because I have pcls. And I have friends that have PCs, to where like, I felt bad when I got pregnant, because they had you know, and there's so many emotions that come around all of those things. And, and I especially, I think for women, when it's your first baby, you think like you're the only one until you finally like, kind of become a mom and you get like these mom friends or, or you're at an age where everyone's trying. And then it finally is like oh no, we all have the you know, there's issues. It's way more common than you think so Oh, yeah, for sure.

Before we dive in, why don't you just tell the listeners a little bit about yourself and kind of what you are creating right now? Absolutely.

Michelle Streeter 2:37

So I'm Michelle, I'm an IVF support coach, I like to say like, I'm your IVF journey bestie it's like really the vibe that I'm going for just like a friend to walk alongside you in this journey, who gets it and can also just like, support and inspire you. So like my big thing is helping women calm the negative spiral of infertility because it can just be such a roller coaster. And so there's just so much like anxiety and what ifs involved with it. And I, I tend to work with like really big hearted women who just gives so much of themselves. And really what I want to do is inspire and encourage them to give that same love that they give so freely to others to themselves, because then even increases their capacity to give to others and to show up in their life. And it's just, it's so beautiful to like get to inspire and empower women in this way.

Michelle Hagen 3:25

Oh, I love that. And I love how you said like the big hearted women, because it probably is I'm assuming like those women are the ones who like serve and serve and serve. And then they're like, well, I've served and serve. So why isn't it happening are working for me, is what my guess is you know, like I'm one of those people. So like speaking to one of those people, if you're listening I can, I'm guessing that's what's happening in their mind is that they're like, Well, why isn't I give and I do all these things. So why isn't it happening for me?

Michelle Streeter 3:52

Yeah, well, and like for me personally, and I hear this a lot from my clients to you, right? Like it turned into this like, well, maybe I'm just not deserving of this, like maybe I haven't done enough or I've screwed up too much or I didn't go to church enough or like whatever the story was. And I also find too, that a lot of my clients are caretaking a lot of people in their lives because they're going through this really hard season, but they don't want the hard season to negatively impact others again, because they care so much about the people around them. But in doing so they continuously sacrifice themselves, which in turn makes this journey a lot harder. And what I've really found is that when we can love ourselves so big through the season and like turn that on ourselves. It actually creates a really positive ripple effect in the other relationships in our lives. Like I see their marriages improve their relationships with their friends, their family and just like how they show up for themselves. And it is so freakin cool.

Michelle Hagen 4:46

I love that so much. Before we kind of dive a little deeper into that let's let's back up and chat about like, how did you discover that this is what you were made to do? Because it's not probably my Guess is not something that you thought you were going to do before you walk this own journey of yours. So how did you decide like, you know what I really think I'm made to help walk women through this or how did you decide to actually speak your story and let it be known?

Michelle Streeter 5:16

Oh my goodness. So can I just say, cuz I feel like this might resonate with your folks is like, I have had so many like, business ventures, I like, all of it. Like, you know, I've done the like direct sales I've done but like, I had a calligraphy business for a really long time that I loved. And like, for me, the like, big string of like commonality between all those things was like, doing things that brings me joy that feels good in the moment. And so honestly, anytime I dove into a side hustle or business venture, or whatever it was, it was just like, this feels good. I'm not gonna overthink it. So why not? And like you said, obviously, I didn't wake up one day as a child and go, I'm going to be an infertility and IVF support coach someday, because obviously that's like, right next to teacher and doctor and firefighter. And, but I actually so when I graduated from college, I started working in higher education, because I just had this passion for like programming and leadership development and supporting people in this like really developmental season, that is college. And so this like, really starts is like the foundation. I've also just always been that friend that people go to you for like advice, guidance, support. And I have this tendency where like, I have people in my life who like we go to the next level a lot faster than I was expecting. I'm like, oh, we're like, we're like best friends. Cool. Like, we're at that level.

Michelle Hagen 6:38

Maybe it's in a shell thing, because I always tell people, and it's even a copy on my website, that I am the friend that gets the weird pictures. It is like, Is this normal? Especially when people are pregnant? Like I get the pictures for the stuff in the toilet? Like, Is this okay, that came out? Yeah, you're good. Like, it's not, that's not your mucus plug.

Michelle Streeter 6:59

I love that. Um, so I worked at American Eagle for a summer, I think it was like between college, I remember this, like one grandmother coming into the store. And she was buying jeans for her granddaughter, and she was like, really concerned about the jeans. And then it turned into this whole, like, she gave me her entire backstory and all this information that you like, don't normally disclose to strangers. And then at the end of the day, she was like, so grateful that I sold her this pair of jeans, and he was like, You're welcome. So I totally get that. Um, anywho. So going back to how I got here. So we started trying to get pregnant back in 2016. And shortly into our infertility, well, it wasn't infertility, the time, shortly into trying to conceive, my husband just suspected that something I probably was wrong. And of course, I was in this like, huge state of denial. So I was like, No, we're just not doing it. Right. And at that point, we were doing like the basal body temperature, we're doing the ablation, like we were doing it right. Um, and so he liked to fenders into his own hands got tested. And eventually we got diagnosed with male factor infertility, and about a month into starting fertility treatments and doing all the initial like testing and bloodwork and stuff that they do. I got a call from my sister that she was pregnant. And it was one of the hardest calls of both of our lives because she actually wasn't prepared for it to happen as quickly as it did. It was like month one, boom, baby. And it expected that she would have kind of more time plus the like, added guilt of like, you know, Michelle's been trying for