Finding Joy and Learning to Thrive Through Infertility

"You are complete now and you will be complete then, too. Lean into 'I am enough here in this moment.' I know that is easier said than done and requires so much space and grace, but it really is powerful when you start to notice, shift, and play with those beliefs, because it brings your power back." - Michelle Streeter

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Michelle Streeter - Michelle Hagen

One of my greatest takeaways from today's conversation with Michelle Streeter is that you are not alone, friend! Infertility and the many struggles that accompany it are more prevalent than you may think. Many women, including Michelle, have navigated these difficult roads and want to be there for you. You can find hope and joy in this difficult season of life and can move beyond just surviving, to thriving! Listen in to hear Michelle's experience and how she uses her story to remind others that they are not alone and that you can walk this road, too. You are loved, my friend, and I want you to know that you are seen, you are valued, and you are complete right where you are.

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