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Finding Joy and Learning to Thrive Through Infertility

"You are complete now and you will be complete then, too. Lean into 'I am enough here in this moment.' I know that is easier said than done and requires so much space and grace, but it really is powerful when you start to notice, shift, and play with those beliefs, because it brings your power back." - Michelle Streeter

Michelle Streeter - Michelle Hagen

One of my greatest takeaways from today's conversation with Michelle Streeter is that you are not alone, friend! Infertility and the many struggles that accompany it are more prevalent than you may think. Many women, including Michelle, have navigated these difficult roads and want to be there for you. You can find hope and joy in this difficult season of life and can move beyond just surviving, to thriving! Listen in to hear Michelle's experience and how she uses her story to remind others that they are not alone and that you can walk this road, too. You are loved, my friend, and I want you to know that you are seen, you are valued, and you are complete right where you are.

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Michelle Hagen 0:00

Alright friends, I am so excited to introduce you guys to my new friend Michelle, I always love introducing other Michelle's when you're like, Hi, I'm Michelle, and meet my friend, Michelle. So Michelle, I am so excited to chat with you and for us to bring awareness to this special week of IVF and infertility and what that looks like, because so many women walk through it and walk through it in so many different ways. And there's so many different emotions tied to it. And I just love how you are inspiring women. And you are showing women how to walk this journey while you are in the messy middle of it currently right now, and you are inspiring women. So I thought that what a better person to bring on during this week to kind of speak to the women that we know that someone that is going to listen to this is going through this journey. So welcome to the show.

Michelle Streeter 0:54

Thanks so much for having me, I'm so excited to be here. And I'm so grateful that you're creating space for this on your podcast, because I felt like this is a topic that is just not talked about enough and that so many women need to hear that they are not alone if they are one of the people who are walking this path. And I'm a big believer that it's like so possible to really thrive through the season, even though it is really hard some days. And most importantly, if like I could use my story to help someone feel less alone, like I'm here for it all day, every day.

Michelle Hagen 1:26

Yeah. And it is it's one of those things that there's so many more women that are going through it, then we realize, I mean, I have my own journey, but it's not near kind of what yours was, I was just told you're never gonna have children naturally. So I'm talking to us, like when you're actually ready to have kids. And then I tried like, a whole bunch of other things. And, you know, and it worked. And it was one of those things. Because I have pcls. And I have friends that have PCs, to where like, I felt bad when I got pregnant, because they had you know, and there's so many emotions that come around all of those things. And, and I especially, I think for women, when it's your first baby, you think like you're the only one until you finally like, kind of become a mom and you get like these mom friends or, or you're at an age where everyone's trying. And then it finally is like oh no, we all have the you know, there's issues. It's way more common than you think so Oh, yeah, for sure.

Before we dive in, why don't you just tell the listeners a little bit about yourself and kind of what you are creating right now? Absolutely.

Michelle Streeter 2:37

So I'm Michelle, I'm an IVF support coach, I like to say like, I'm your IVF journey bestie it's like really the vibe that I'm going for just like a friend to walk alongside you in this journey, who gets it and can also just like, support and inspire you. So like my big thing is helping women calm the negative spiral of infertility because it can just be such a roller coaster. And so there's just so much like anxiety and what ifs involved with it. And I, I tend to work with like really big hearted women who just gives so much of themselves. And really what I want to do is inspire and encourage them to give that same love that they give so freely to others to themselves, because then even increases their capacity to give to others and to show up in their life. And it's just, it's so beautiful to like get to inspire and empower women in this way.

Michelle Hagen 3:25

Oh, I love that. And I love how you said like the big hearted women, because it probably is I'm assuming like those women are the ones who like serve and serve and serve. And then they're like, well, I've served and serve. So why isn't it happening are working for me, is what my guess is you know, like I'm one of those people. So like speaking to one of those people, if you're listening I can, I'm guessing that's what's happening in their mind is that they're like, Well, why isn't I give and I do all these things. So why isn't it happening for me?

Michelle Streeter 3:52

Yeah, well, and like for me personally, and I hear this a lot from my clients to you, right? Like it turned into this like, well, maybe I'm just not deserving of this, like maybe I haven't done enough or I've screwed up too much or I didn't go to church enough or like whatever the story was. And I also find too, that a lot of my clients are caretaking a lot of people in their lives because they're going through this really hard season, but they don't want the hard season to negatively impact others again, because they care so much about the people around them. But in doing so they continuously sacrifice themselves, which in turn makes this journey a lot harder. And what I've really found is that when we can love ourselves so big through the season and like turn that on ourselves. It actually creates a really positive ripple effect in the other relationships in our lives. Like I see their marriages improve their relationships with their friends, their family and just like how they show up for themselves. And it is so freakin cool.

Michelle Hagen 4:46

I love that so much. Before we kind of dive a little deeper into that let's let's back up and chat about like, how did you discover that this is what you were made to do? Because it's not probably my Guess is not something that you thought you were going to do before you walk this own journey of yours. So how did you decide like, you know what I really think I'm made to help walk women through this or how did you decide to actually speak your story and let it be known?

Michelle Streeter 5:16

Oh my goodness. So can I just say, cuz I feel like this might resonate with your folks is like, I have had so many like, business ventures, I like, all of it. Like, you know, I've done the like direct sales I've done but like, I had a calligraphy business for a really long time that I loved. And like, for me, the like, big string of like commonality between all those things was like, doing things that brings me joy that feels good in the moment. And so honestly, anytime I dove into a side hustle or business venture, or whatever it was, it was just like, this feels good. I'm not gonna overthink it. So why not? And like you said, obviously, I didn't wake up one day as a child and go, I'm going to be an infertility and IVF support coach someday, because obviously that's like, right next to teacher and doctor and firefighter. And, but I actually so when I graduated from college, I started working in higher education, because I just had this passion for like programming and leadership development and supporting people in this like really developmental season, that is college. And so this like, really starts is like the foundation. I've also just always been that friend that people go to you for like advice, guidance, support. And I have this tendency where like, I have people in my life who like we go to the next level a lot faster than I was expecting. I'm like, oh, we're like, we're like best friends. Cool. Like, we're at that level.

Michelle Hagen 6:38

Maybe it's in a shell thing, because I always tell people, and it's even a copy on my website, that I am the friend that gets the weird pictures. It is like, Is this normal? Especially when people are pregnant? Like I get the pictures for the stuff in the toilet? Like, Is this okay, that came out? Yeah, you're good. Like, it's not, that's not your mucus plug.

Michelle Streeter 6:59

I love that. Um, so I worked at American Eagle for a summer, I think it was like between college, I remember this, like one grandmother coming into the store. And she was buying jeans for her granddaughter, and she was like, really concerned about the jeans. And then it turned into this whole, like, she gave me her entire backstory and all this information that you like, don't normally disclose to strangers. And then at the end of the day, she was like, so grateful that I sold her this pair of jeans, and he was like, You're welcome. So I totally get that. Um, anywho. So going back to how I got here. So we started trying to get pregnant back in 2016. And shortly into our infertility, well, it wasn't infertility, the time, shortly into trying to conceive, my husband just suspected that something I probably was wrong. And of course, I was in this like, huge state of denial. So I was like, No, we're just not doing it. Right. And at that point, we were doing like the basal body temperature, we're doing the ablation, like we were doing it right. Um, and so he liked to fenders into his own hands got tested. And eventually we got diagnosed with male factor infertility, and about a month into starting fertility treatments and doing all the initial like testing and bloodwork and stuff that they do. I got a call from my sister that she was pregnant. And it was one of the hardest calls of both of our lives because she actually wasn't prepared for it to happen as quickly as it did. It was like month one, boom, baby. And it expected that she would have kind of more time plus the like, added guilt of like, you know, Michelle's been trying for so long. And here we are. And so it was just a really hard conversation for both of us. And after that conversation, I found myself on the floor. And I was just like, sobbing and I started to say out loud the things that had been running through my head. And it was a lot of that, like, what did I do to service? Did I make God mad? Like, do I not go to church enough? like am I not meant to be a mother? And it was in the moment that I was like, Whoa, what is this and I was like, this cannot go on like this anymore. And I was like, so sad. And so decided and I like basically went on this mission to just invite more joy into my life. And so as part of that, which, you know, this isn't necessarily happy how you have to like find your calling, but I decided to just blast my story out on the internet, actually, during National infertility Awareness Week, in 2017. I think this was, and part of that was for me, like, I've always been someone who just wears my heart on my sleeve, who's really open about basically everything in my life. It's not that I share every detail, but like, you know, I don't hide big things. And this was huge. And so I was like, I'm just gonna get free of this thing. That's like weighing me down. And it was so powerful. Because when I did this, and I've heard this time and time again, from women sharing their stories, all these women reached out saying, you know, we love you, we support you, but there was also just a lot of like, me too, or Hey, like, our two kids are IVF babies and I have never told anyone or, you know, all of that. And I was like, Oh my goodness. And we were still very much going through our process at this time. But there was just like a little pang of like, I think I'm supposed to do this someday. Like, I think I'm supposed to help women, but I knew it. Like wasn't time yet. So it's kind of bargaining with the universe like, no god like not yet Sundays. I like I knew that I would know when the timing was actually right. And I also knew that I need to like figure out my own ish and do my own healing before I could truly hold space for women in this process. So, of course, um, you know, March 2020 rolls around, and I was like, You know what, I think it's time. And I was actually having coffee with a friend. And she told me that I needed to meet someone in town. And this girl's name had come up a couple of times. And I was like, okay, universe, I see you. And and I like literally sent her an email that I was like, hey, like, the universe has told me that we need to have coffee, like, are you down. And I didn't know her at all. And then now that I met her, I'm like, Oh, that was like, so up her alley. And in that conversation, she was literally like, well, if you have a passion, like, you should just go for it. And I was like, I do have a passion, I should go for it. And within like a week, I had my first few clients on board for my coaching business to basically test it out and see if it was a good fit. And of course, that was also like three weeks before the pandemic shut, all clinics. So it was just a really interesting season, because it's like people needed more support during that time than ever, even though they weren't in treatments. And so I just started showing up. And I started sharing my story and working with these women, and it was so beautiful and magical and amazing. And like with every moment perfect, no, but like, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. And now over a year later, I've gotten to work with so many amazing clients, many of them are pregnant and welcoming their babies into the world this year. And I am just so over the moon to get to do something that I'm so passionate about and to help help women in this way. Really, hmm.

Michelle Hagen 11:45

That is such a cool story. And I was even thinking as you were talking of, you know, so much started when the pandemic hit, like there's all the you know, people that rose up, but I was thinking to myself, like maybe it was like that time that you needed to come out because those moms like were then stuck at home in their feelings. And I'm sure it was even worse for so many of them because they couldn't even go out and see their friends. And then they're like, and here I am another month that went by another month that goes by that I'm not pregnant, but I have nobody to connect with. And you can't go to the doctor's offices. And even then when you do the telehealth visits, it's just not the same, you know, their work, or they only have their few minutes because they had to get so many of their telehealth visits in at a time.

Michelle Streeter 12:30

Yeah, there was just a lot of time to like, sit and be in your own head, which is like not always the best. Well, and then for women struggling with secondary infertility, right, folks who already have kids, whether it was through previous rounds of IVF, or maybe you got pregnant naturally, and then you got diagnosed with infertility for whatever reason. Like there's also that added guilt too, of like, well, I already have a kid so I should be grateful. So why do I feel so like empty, like my life's not fulfilled or complete or whatever. And so there's just a whole other layer of struggle there, too.

Michelle Hagen 13:00

Yeah, let's dive in a little bit to talk about like, so if there's moms that are listening, and they're going through this and and you had talked about there's it's so important to like, have a self love within yourself when going through them? You know, can you talk a little bit about that, like if there's a mom and that's really struggling? And you know, it's one month after the other and you lose a lot of that self worth? Or like you'd said you don't feel worthy. What it what's the mind shift, that's like the first step that they need to take to be like, Listen, we need to just shift the mindset first.

Michelle Streeter 13:37

I would say that like for me, for my clients, like it really comes down to noticing like I was talking about how I realized in that moment on the floor crying after I talked to my sister that I was like, all this negative self talk was existing and so even just being able to when I favorite things to invite folks to do is just like a daily, like 10 minute brain dump of like, what's going on. And there's something about taking the thoughts that are in your head and putting them onto paper that's like magical because it suddenly like you get a third party view of your brain and you can actually start to decipher and differentiate like, what's true what's not actually true because when it's just in our heads we just believe it all we're like yes, of course our brain is right. It's like no our brain is actually a big liar for the most part right like we have to decide like which way we want our brain to be oriented. And so just doing that like little brain dump and noticing and then deciding like is this true? And if it's not true like what's a more true thought or belief right like um even things like you know if you don't have another kid like will your will your will your kid hate you forever? No, like they won't they love you like you are enough as you are and it's a beautiful gift to get to bring another life into the world. But you are complete now and you will be complete then too. So like all like all of that just like leaning into like I am enough here in this moment. And I know that that's so much easier said than done and requires so much just like space and Grace, but it really is powerful when you start to one, just notice and start to really shift and play with those beliefs, because it just brings your power back.

Michelle Hagen 15:11

Yeah, yeah. And the power of positivity. And he had mentioned, like the brain, and I know from the stuff that I've read and researched and learned about, like, our brain literally is in fight or flight at all time. Like, it's literally like, how can we protect us? And what's the worst case scenario? And like, it always goes to negative because that's like, how it protects us. So in these times, when things are really hard, it's meant to go worst case scenario, because your brain is trying to protect you. Which that happened to me with my second pregnancy, I was high risk, and there was just a lots of things. And so my brain literally went into like fight or flight at all times. It was like, Okay, this is the worst case scenario, we're going to live like this, like that. We're walking the worst case scenario, instead of thinking about the best case, which then creates that joy, and you have to create those pathways in your brain to like, remember, like, No, we have to remember the joy. No, we have to remember that all things are good. And you have to like force your brain to go that way. Especially when it's been something that you've walked through the journey for so long, in a negative in a negative way, or any negativity. It's really hard.

Michelle Streeter 16:17

For sure, and I'm a big believer too, but like what we focus on expands. And I know it's like a cliche that gets thrown around all the time. And something that I like to tell my clients is like to think of your brain as like a computer, let's just like we've been pre programmed over your lifetime. And so it's absorbed all of these experiences and stories and beliefs that you've been told by your friends, your family, your parents like society, right. And just because it's been programmed that way doesn't mean that that is the best way it's serving you. And so you can always reprogram the computer to create a better life experience. And it's not to create a better you like you were already your best version of you. And you get to continue to evolve and make your life experience better and better and better. And when you feel like you have power and control over that which you 100% do, that totally changes the game versus just believing Well, this is the computer that I've been given and I can't do anything about it. It's really the difference between that fixed mindset and the growth mindset. And I really do believe that we all have that capacity for growth. And it really just starts with the belief that it's possible.

Michelle Hagen 17:20

Hmm, that is so that I love that that's a powerful thing of how you talked about like, it's literally a computer that you can reprogram at any time, you have to choose to do the work to reprogram that sometimes, like can it just be a little bit faster. But I love that part because it is one of those things that you're 100%, right, that you just have to choose to make the change.

Michelle Streeter 17:42

And a lot of them is like repetition, right? And that's why like coaching is so powerful, because when you talk to someone, when your brain goes back to default, they can be like, Hey, we're back in default, though, there's nothing wrong with that. But let's go back to where we want to be right, and then being able to reinforce that until you can hold and reinforce that belief for yourself.

Michelle Hagen 18:02

I love that. Before we dive in a little bit deeper into some of the IVF stuff I wanted to talk about, let's just chat a little bit about as someone who is a friend, or you know, a sister or someone else, I always feel like there's this thing of I kind of understood what my friends went through, because I was told like we kind of had these conversations about it. But then I got pregnant. So I really didn't go through like the hard steps that they're going through or, or losing losing babies and things like that. I support people, what is the best way that we can be supporting someone who's going through IVF? You know, clearly, as we've been talking about mentally supporting them is my guess is probably one of your, your top tips or as like an outside person is that's what I would say, of just trying to stay positive. But what can we really truly be doing to supporting friends in this season?

Michelle Streeter 18:57

Yeah, so I actually think the best thing that someone can do is just like witness someone in their journey and validate how they're feeling. And so I think so often we try to fix them, or we like, get uncomfortable with their, like negative feelings. And we're like, Well, I have to fix you. I have to make you happy. I have to like, wash it away for you. But there's something just so beautiful when someone can say, Michelle, I see you're really struggling and I'm so sorry. Like I'm here for you. How can I support you? Right? And like, that's it. I don't have any expectation of you opening up or sharing more. And of course, like if you want to, I'm here for that. And like being able to even tell people like, Hey, friend was thinking about you today sending you some love, no need to respond. I just want you to know I'm here for you. Right? As opposed to Hey, Michelle, have you tried X, Y and Z? Oh, stay positive. It'll all work out for you. Like, we can make this kind of promises to people and it doesn't actually make them feel better. And I think something that's like really magical is when you can recognize that like infertility IVF any hard season that you go through, is gonna like they mirror each other right like If you struggle with like postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety, like you don't want somebody coming up to you and just being like, let me try to fix this for you, right? You just want them to be there and be like, it's okay that you're struggling. It's okay that you're not okay. And there is just such a beautiful gift to be able to give that to someone. And it doesn't take a lot of like, effort to do that. But it does take a lot of awareness.

Michelle Hagen 20:28

Yeah, and I 100% agree of someone with that had postpartum. There's like some people I just wanted them to let me sit in my feelings. Like let me just sit here and say that all this sucks. And that I don't know how I'm gonna get out of the hole. And no one can help me get out of the hole but myself because really, truly once you're in that, you know that yes, there can be support people. And yes, you can have coaches but no one can pull you up out of the hole. But when you're in that hole, nobody can pull you up out of it. But yourself. Like no one can make that decision for you to say I'm going to step into the light but yourself. You know, and there are those friends though, that I think that you kind of know, this person needs me to be like, nope, you're coming to the light with me. Or it needs to be like, Alright, if you just want to sit here and cry and eat the ice cream and watch the show. Like, I will do that with you too. Because I can 100% relate to that, that you had said. Yeah. And

Michelle Streeter 21:46

I think like best thing, honestly, to where you're talking about, like, self care and self love. Like the more that we take care of ourselves, like whether we're the person going through it or the friend, the more capacity and the more space we have to hold for the other person.

Michelle Hagen 21:59

Hmm, yes. 100%. Okay, so let's chat a little bit, go back to people that are going through this journey. If it's a mom that's listening, and, and she's going through the journey and, and, and what is, is there a power in, like opening up and sharing your story? Is that part of some of like the coaching because I know that you had said there's a lot of people that don't want to say that they're going through these things? Or, you know, what do you say to women, because I'm sure there's so many tips you could give, and there's so much different type of IVF and the type of things that you do. And I know that that is different to each person. But you know, people stories are different, but similar. So what advice do you have when it comes to people who are going through this and their story and how their story is going to help them heal?

Michelle Streeter 22:49

Yeah, um, so I think, honestly, for me, my biggest thing that I tell clients is to do what feels best for you and like permission to just lean into that. And so if that means, you know, telling only two people tell two people if it means telling no one, tell no one. But I think the most important thing is really just understanding why. So like, as an example, from my own, like journey, when we started, you know, trying to conceive, we didn't tell anyone, because I wanted to tell people and excite them and like spread joy. And it was a fun surprise and all of that. And then when we got into our infertility treatments, like I didn't kind of revisit that initial decision, I just continued to assume, well, this is something you need to keep private, and that just didn't feel good to me. And I really do believe that we all have the intuition to know like whether something actually genuinely feels good or not. And so just being able to, like trust that and listen to that, I think is huge. And that's honestly the best advice I have for anybody going through this process is to trust your intuition.

Michelle Hagen 23:52

That's so great. And so if you could say like advice, like if it was just you and maybe it's a listener in the room together, and you could just give them like, your advice or if you're like, if I could just speak one thing into you that would either give you comfort or whatever it is that you are like feeling called to speak to this mom right now. What would you say?

Michelle Streeter 24:19

Oh my gosh, my it's always it's safe to trust yourself. It is 100% safe to trust yourself. And I think experiences like infertility and going through ABS like really start to make you question and doubt that if you can, like root into that belief that I am here for myself, I will love myself, I will guard myself, I will protect myself, I will show up for myself. Like it makes this process easier, but doesn't mean that it won't be hard, right? Like hard and like Eazy E's are like all different things. Right? But like even just being able to know that at the end of this no matter what happens you trust yourself and love yourself so much that you will be okay. No matter what It is a beautiful gift that you can give yourself in a season with so many unknown. So my advice is, it's safe to trust yourself always.

Michelle Hagen 25:09

And that's even good. If in anything really, you know, like a close family one, you know, like, if you're not like it is just trust yourself and trust your gut and like what you were doing is the right decision and in whatever path you choose to go down. I mean, because for us, I was like, Well, before we go down all of the medical things, because I knew once we entered that world, like you just don't, I was like, I don't know, there's this lady over here that she does. Oops, and I don't know, we had a stick that smelled like pot that wasn't pot, but guess what you don't like or it wasn't in the mental thing. But you know, I was like, You know what, I'm just gonna trust and this is gonna work. But I just think that you know, invalidating of whatever way that you choose to walk your journey is your journey. And it's no one else's decision. And I will 100% 100%.

Michelle Streeter 26:00

And I think so often, we get so caught up in comparing and saying, well, they did it this way, I should do it this way. That just doesn't feel right. And it's one thing to like, tap into your intuition. And one thing to let fear drive you and I recently had this revelation, where I was like, intuition is here to like, lead us to our better good, right. So if like anything is coming up in your head, where it's like, you know, like before our most recent loss, I had this like impending doom feeling that our numbers were gonna drop, and it was gonna end up being a chemical pregnancy. And that is exactly what happened. And at the time, I was like, Oh, see, my intuition told me like the worst was coming. And looking back on that now I'm like, that wasn't my intuition. That was just fear. And then the thing happened, and then I confirmed it, and decided it was my intuition. And so now being able to say, Nope, that was fear. Like, my intuition is showing me the right way for me leading me down the right path, and being able to like trust that it is bringing me you know, like you were saying, like, into the light, like, into the gun into that better life experience, then it makes it easier to quiet the fear and say, Oh, this is just fear. I don't have to validate this. I don't have to give it like power. I can just acknowledge it. And and like, right, we're not bypassing the fear. We're, we're acknowledging that it exists. And then we're letting it just be okay. And then it really moves us into a space of just like deeper trust and knowing with ourselves, which I think is really beautiful, too.

Michelle Hagen 27:25

Yeah, I was actually listening to i wish i i don't even know who it was, I would Google something on the internet, but about like a sphere, and it was talking about the Holy Spirit and how you were talking about like our intuition. Like it, he was talking about how people think like, oh, our intuition of like, oh, that person's bad. Or I just know that that thing is bad. And he's like, no, the whole like the Holy Spirit, whether you say intuition, Holy Spirit, or whatever, it's interchangeable, same thing, that the Holy Spirit is innately good, and it will only show it really, truly shows us good. And like, there's still the bad it's like trying to walk you through the bad to the good. And so I love how you thought about, you know, to think about that. And that if people are thinking like, Oh, well, my intuition is saying like this pregnancy is not going to work like to recognize like, no, the Holy Spirit will never say to me, this pregnancy is not going to work. This is like I'm like, we're going to try and I'm sorry that you're going to have to walk through this. But like, you know what, the light will be at the end of the tunnel? Or some maybe you don't see it. But yeah, that's an interesting thing that I was like, I never thought about that. But really, it's truly all peering good that they don't, though your intuition and the spirit is not trying to lead you to bad.

So what advice would you give yourself if you could go back and give your younger self advice? Whether it be you know, you said you had so many different startup businesses as an entrepreneur, you know, the entrepreneurial spirit is always flowing and going, or, you know, in your IVF journey, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back and tell your younger self something?

Michelle Streeter 29:00

Yeah, um, so obviously, but like, it's safe to trust yourself is like, valid for for all of it. And I think that that still remains the number one piece of advice, I would go back and say to myself, which I may not understand at the moment, but I think it's important, but to like, it's okay, if the things don't all make sense, right? Like, it's okay, if you're here, and then you're here, and you're here and you're here. Like, don't make yourself wrong for any of it. Just keep following the joy keep following the intuition and just trust that like, even if it's not all coming together, trust that you are exactly where you need to be and exactly on the right path. And again, it comes back to that trust. When you can do that, like life just gets so much easier, because then you just get to be in flow rather than in constant resistance of like, I can't believe this thing is happening or what like, why write all these questions that don't actually help art like, you know, our brain might try to solve that problem, but it's not going to give you any answers that are gonna help you. And so when you can just be like, this is exactly like meant for me. I'm where I need to be. I like, you know, it's all working out in my favor all those like, just like beautiful mantras and affirmations that we can say to ourselves and again, like, pick what feels good for you, right? Like, you don't have to believe the things and I believe but I think when we do have those like grounding beliefs, it makes such a huge difference at the end of the day.

Michelle Hagen 30:21

Yes, that is so great. Such great advice. Thank you so much for having such a great conversation and sharing your heart and your story with me. If anyone wants to reach out. If anyone wants to reach out to you after the podcast, where can they find you?

Michelle Streeter 30:40

The best place to find me is probably over on Instagram. My handle is at thrivf right like thrive through IVF and my website is and thanks so much for having you Michelle, this is so beautiful and so wonderful getting to chat with you.

Michelle Hagen 31:01

Thank you so much for being on the show today.


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