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Summer Series 2021: Building Unshakeable Confidence

"When you don't have confidence, aka when you don't trust yourself, you are literally telling people that they can't trust you to do business with you...Recognize that confidence is a skill that you can build." - Justin Guarini

Justin Guarini - Michelle Hagen

Justin Guarini’s almost 30-year career on the stage and screen includes the first season of American Idol, where he performed in front of 30 million viewers each week, starring roles in 6 Broadway productions, as well as his wildly popular character “Lil’ Sweet” as seen on national Diet Dr. Pepper commercials in America. In addition to being a sought-after performer, he has mentored leaders across a wide spectrum of businesses & disciplines and has helped his clients go from struggle to strength in their health, wealth, and relationships.

Justin created his company Profit Under Pressure, LLC to serve an ever-growing list of leaders, influencers, coaches and entrepreneurs who have come to him seeking the next level of achievement and success in their lives. Utilizing Justin’s “Unshakeable Core Confidence™️ Method“, his clients have unlocked deep and lasting passion, fulfillment, and joy for themselves as well as the lives of the people they impact. In today's conversation, we discuss how to learn from failures and how to build unshakeable confidence both in business and in your personal life. Join us for an incredibly encouraging and motivating conversation!

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