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Realistic Meal Planning Without The Guilt Trip

"The trick to sustainable meal planning is to be really realistic and take it easy on yourself...Make your own rules. Be willing to bend them as your schedule requires." - Ashtin Cope

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Ashtin Cope - Michelle Hagen

Don't we all wish we could make tasty, healthy, and affordable meals that our families will rave about every single night?! While that may sound nice, that unfortunately is not always the case. It is, however, possible to make mealtimes more enjoyable and less stressful with some small changes that make big differences.

Ashtin Cope is a Midwest based meal planning consultant. Her mission is to help women meal plan their way to less grocery spending, less wasted food, and more kitchen confidence. She knows how difficult it can be to try and please everyone in the family with something tasty, healthy, and affordable. She helps women figure out how they can lean into their unique schedule and preferences to remix the same ingredients multiple ways, resulting in reduced food waste and lower grocery bills!

Quotes I loved:

"Until you find that thing that you are not just passionate enough about, but that you are sustainably passionate about so that you can continue talking about that thing and never get burnt out or sick of it, you are at a stand still."

"Not putting so much emphasis on the 'pretty' part of owning a business and more the 'gritty' part of owning a business."

"I want people to feel confident and good about what they are making and how they are making it."

"Give yourself the grace and allow yourself a peaceful dinner experience so that you can head into the next day totally recharged and more prepared."

"The trick to sustainable meal planning is to be really realistic and take it easy on yourself."

"Make sure that your meal plan complements your month rather than determines it or dictates it. Make sure you have your month planned before you have your meals planned."

"There is no rule to who is going to cook, what you're going to make it, when you're going to make it; there are no rules. Make your own rules. Be willing to bend them as your schedule requires."

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Tips and tricks to meal plan realistically and sustainably

  • How to include more vegetables in kid's meals

  • The 2 to 1 rule (2 favorites, 1 new)

  • The "no thank you" bite

  • How to lean in to seasonal trends

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