Girl, You Were Made To Be More Than A Mom!

"You are doing better than you think. We are the hardest on ourselves and we feel like we are failing. If you feel like you don’t fit and motherhood isn’t the easiest thing you have ever done. How and who you were created to be is on purpose and you are the exact right mom for your kids."

- Ashley Carbonatto

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Ashley Carbonatto - Michelle Hagen

Being a mom is hard. In fact many moms will say it’s harder than they ever dreamed it would be. Motherhood changes you and sometimes we don’t even see it coming. While some thrive in these changes there are some of us who struggle, we feel like our purpose is gone, that we are failing at this motherhood gig we had always wanted, and feel guilty for wanting to be more than just a mom. If you are saying girl this is so me. Pull up a seat because today we are covering topics like, losing our identity, God’s perfect timing, getting honest with ourselves, and that you are the right mom for your kids with the author of the new book More Than A Mom.

Ashley Carbonatto is a domestically underachieving mom-of-three who juggles all the things. She's a gatherer of people, a welcomer to the outsider, a storyteller to the tired, and an entertainer to the downcast. After leaving a successful career in fashion recruiting, she re-discovered her voice and renewed purpose in motherhood, but in her own unconventional way. You need homemade frosting? She's not the one you call. But you need a good story and honest reflection? Ashley's your woman. She lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her husband & three minions, and always has a drink in the fridge for anyone who stops by.