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The Answers To All The Questions You Have About Doing School At Home While Working With Jen Myers

We spend so much time in traditional schooling focusing on what children don’t have and what they can’t do that we forget to focus on who they are and who they can become based on their natural gifts and inclinations. - Jen Myers

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Jen Myer | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcastt

As mamas, we’re facing some uncharted territory with school starting this fall. With so many choices we’re all asking, “What’s the best option?” Today’s episode is all about the homeschool option and answers questions like, “How do I do this and continue to work?” “What’s the best curriculum choice?”, “Am I even equipped to handle this?”, “Will my child even learn anything?”, “What if they fall behind?”

We hear from Jen Myers, the founder of Homeschool CEO, an online community exclusively for entrepreneurs who homeschool. Over the past 16 years, Jen has graduated 3 of her four children from homeschooling, relocated three times, built three successful businesses, and now helps other entrepreneurs homeschool their kids without sacrificing their business or their sanity. When she is not coaching entrepreneurs, she can be found building community, drinking coffee, and exercising at her local gym. Jen openly admits homeschooling was the last thing on her radar when she started homeschooling her young children, then ages 8, 6 and 5. She had a thriving business and life was going according to plan. That was, until a surprise pregnancy threw the family a curveball. What started out as a last resort revealed the unexpected surprise of total freedom and flexibility for their entire family.

So grab your coffee and listen in to this amazing episode where Jen answers some of your questions, shares her knowledge and insight, the tips and tricks she’s mastered over the last decade and a half and practical steps to know if choosing homeschool is the right option for your family.

Quotes I loved:

We spend so much time in traditional schooling focusing on what children don’t have and what they can’t do that we forget to focus on who they are and who they can become based on their natural gifts and inclinations.

In the grand scheme of life, your kids are going to be okay. They’re going to keep learning and moving forward.

Homeschooling is a mindset shift from “I can’t do this.” to “How can I do this?” and then find ways to make it happen.

Once you get a taste of what freedom and flexibility could really be like, it’s unlike anything you can ever imagine.

In this season, there could be silver linings and blessings during this time that we wouldn’t have slowed down to see.

Only focus your energy on the 20% that moves the other 80% of the needle forward.

God plants the seed and says “I need you to start this now because someone’s going to need you down the road.”

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Focusing on foundational education first and building from there

  • Figuring out your teaching style and your child’s learning style

  • Identifying your priorities and what you want your kids to learn

  • How to choose a basic curriculum that isn’t overly complicated but teaches to your child’s strengths and not to their weaknesses

  • The importance of loving your children through their learning challenges so they can learn kindness, compassion and self worth

  • The benefits of time blocking to be more efficient with all facets of life- home, school, business, etc.

  • Tips for breaking down your day-to-day schedule that incorporates the whole family

  • The key elements you need to use for homeschooling -ie: a space, a schedule, materials, etc.

  • The importance of being plugged into a community and utilizing other’s strengths to help facilitate learning

  • The benefits of homeschool and how it can better prepare your children for being successful in higher education

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