The Copy Your E-Mail Welcome Sequence Needs With Emily Conley

Really be yourself and show up the way you want people to really see you -Be authentic and use your personality - Emily Conley

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Emily Conley | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

So you’ve started your business….YAY!! Go you! So what’s next?

Creating a stellar email welcoming sequence is most likely the next step in your entrepreneur journey. The purpose of this is to gain your reader’s trust and build a lasting relationship that deepens over time. Your welcoming emails should really show your readers just who you are and what you’re bringing to the table. Portraying yourself authentically and enthusiastically will most likely be the thing that keeps people coming back for more of what you’re offering so it’s important to know how to craft those kinds of emails using copywriting tips and tricks that are tried and true. When it comes to copywriting, it’s not important that you reinvent the wheel. Just by using some strategic elements in your email sequences can help increase your open rates and get people to buy what you’re selling.

In this episode, we’ll chat with Emily Conley who shares how she uses her skill with words to create copy that embodies a business's voice, personality, and unique value. She doesn't believe in "copy and paste" writing, but finds joy in creating custom copy that speaks directly to a business's dream clients. Emily believes in the power of words to create connections and make sales. Emily currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and curious two-year-old daughter. She's been writing online for years and finally opened the doors to her own copywriting business, Emily Writes Well, in August 2019. She also shamelessly loves a cold White Claw while relaxing by the pool. So let’s dive in and learn about all her copywriting skills!