Moving Your Business Online

Having an online business can bring so much freedom to people’s lives. - Kylie Kelly

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Kylie Kelly| Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

This year has proved to us that online businesses are with way for the future and that even if you have a client facing business there is a piece of it that you can move to be online. If you haven't thought about moving a piece of your business online, you should!

In this episode I talked with my friend Kylie Kelly about how she moved her business online and how you should too!

Kylie is currently a wedding photographer and mom from New South Wales, Australia. She owns KKStockShop, an online business providing styled stock imagery to help female entrepreneurs & creative businesses elevate their brand online and in their social media. The KK Stock Shop is focused on helping other female entrepreneurs grow their personal brands & small businesses, with feminine, high quality styled stock photos that they can share online (whether that's social media, your website, emails - wherever you need photos, she there to help!) Kylie also host a true crime romance podcast, Mr + Mrs Murder!

In this conversation, we covered:

  • How having an online business is ve