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Finding Your Perfect Business Wave

"If you don’t say yes to the calling on your heart, God will call someone else who will say yes." Michelle Hagen

Ashley Carbonatto - Michelle Hagen

Finding your perfect wave in business can be hard and sometimes we fail. But sometimes when we work hard enough, we find the perfect one and ride it all the way to victory. There is still time left in 2020 why are you not trying to catch your perfect wave?

In todays episode host Michelle Hagen gives you a dose of the kick in the butt you need to keep moving forward in business! Michelle recalls a business revolution she had while out in the ocean waves. She talks about how sometimes business and life can beat us down but it's our job to stand back up and paddle back out into the ocean. There is a perfect business wave for all of us and God has perfect timing for each one of us, it's what we sometimes learn in the waiting that needed to happen before we could stand up and take our perfect wave. This episode will leave you inspired to finish 2020 on your best wave yet!

In this episode we talked about:

  • Starting business and stepping into the right place

  • Moving Past The Hard Parts

  • When is my turn to succeed

  • Knowing when to turn around and try again

  • When things get hard and you fall, you don’t quit

  • Waiting for God’s perfect timing

  • Leaning in the waiting

  • There was something in 2020 that needed to happen to you.

  • Find our worth inside us

  • The Calling God is putting on your heart

  • Not showing up because we are afraid of rejection

  • Choosing to ride the big waves

  • You Are Worthy of Finishing the Year Strong

Quote We Loved:

We often sit and think, when is it going to be my turn instead of celebrating the person who stood up and caught their perfect wave.

If the wave isn’t right for you stop fighting to get on it even if it worked for someone else.

When you get beat down and it doesn’t work, you don’t quit. You stand back up, walk back out and go again.

In the waiting, crashing, trying, we have to learn something before we can catch out perfect wave. God has created a perfect time for you to stand up and go.

Just because God has a plan for you, it doesn’t mean you sit and just wait. You have to keep standing back up and try again, because there is something you needed to learn in the waiting.

Our worth and success is not defined by anyone else, it’s defined by us. We have to look inside and define our own worth.

If you don’t say yes to the calling on your heart, God will call someone else who will say yes.


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