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Body Image and Self Love:Reframing Your Thought Process toFind Mindset Renewal

“My body has shown up for me every single day of my life and it’s time for me to start respecting my body.” - Susie Trigg Trucker

Susie Trigg Trucker - Michelle Hagen

Susie Trigg Tucker is a mindset coach, motivational speaker, and writer empowering women to lean authentically into their imperfect, beautiful lives and “love themselves here.”

Through her journey to recovery from lifelong disordered eating and perfectionism, Susie has found her voice in advocating for women's mental, emotional, and physical health. She is passionate about helping women awaken to their worth and cultivate deep belief in themselves so they can live presently and achieve their dreams.Through the lens of gratitude and self-love, Susie gives her clients the tools to live joyfully and presently, exactly where they are today.

Today’s episode is all about how we can learn to respect our bodies and stop the negative talk about our body image. As mothers and as women, we all have a different relationship with our body and body image. Susie very authentically shares her journey of how she became a mindset coach by changing her own mindset to reframe her thoughts and self talk to really begin to love her own body. This is an episode that you’ll want to listen to over and over again because of all the nuggets to dig into and take away to adapt into your own life.

Quotes I loved:

“It starts right here in the shoes you’re wearing today. When you can have that self love, then you’ll find yourself having the desired life you’ve dreamed of.”

“I knew that what I was doing to my body was not okay. So I decided to ask for help.”

“My body has shown up for me every single day of my life and it’s time for me to start respecting my body.”

“The tender spots are really the ones that need to be worked out the most.”

“We can control our thoughts. We need to see our thoughts without judgment to begin the process of renewal.”

“Teaching our children that their worth and their value is intrinsic- no one else gets to define that for them.”

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Body image positivity during and after pregnancy

  • Learning how to have a positive relationship with food

  • Embracing imperfect progress

  • Facing your fears and changing your mindset of your body

  • Developing self love by giving yourself grace and learning how to respect your body

  • Reframing our thought process and checking our self talk

  • Facing our judgmental thoughts and replacing them with loving self talk and truth

  • Practical practices and examples to try on your own to rewire your thought process

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