Mental Health Awareness Week: Mental Health For Moms How It Effects Our Bodies

Fear can put a whole image in our brain that is sometimes just not true. - Britt Piper

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Britt Piper - Michelle Hagen

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Do I have postpartum depression?” “Could I have anxiety?” you’re not alone. Navigating through the sea of mental health issues can feel very isolating. If you have ever grappled with anxiety or depression, you know the emotional toll it can take on you. Developing postpartum mental health issues isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Unfortunately, having mental health issues has a negative stigma wrapped around it that prevents women from asking questions or seeking advice when they really need it.

Today’s episode is all about breaking the stigma of mental health issues being negative. We chat with my friend Brittany Piper who is an international activist, speaker and healing + wellness coach—cultivating 300+ programs spanning 9 years and 3 continents. Her work has been recognized by The U.S. Army, The Clinton Foundation, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily + more. She is a rape survivor and leading national expert and advocate on sexual violence prevention and recovery—speaking to tens of thousands of students, detectives, employees, inmates and military members each year. She is also the founder and creator of The Functional Breakthrough Method—a 1-on-1 coaching and healing program that supports survivors of trauma. Additionally, she is a social justice photographer for women’s organizations in conflict countries.