Remembering Who We Are As Women, Even In The Forest Of Fear

Our motherhood was never intended to carry the full weight of our identity. We are women and we are daughters. Mother is a title on top of what we’re originally called. - Becky Thompson

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Becky Thompson

Walking through the forest of fear and anxiety is something most of us face though we don’t readily want to admit it. We feel alone and we’re too scared to acknowledge we need to ask for help. Or we think we must be going crazy and surely no one else in the world would ever have these thoughts so we never share them with anyone for fear of being judged.

Any of this sound familiar?

In today’s episode, we chat with bestselling author Becky Thompson where she shares her story of living with anxiety for most of her life and what led her to writing her latest book, Peace: Hope and Healing for the Anxious Momma’s Heart. We dive deep into where our identity is rooted and how we can be heart, mind and soul healthy even when living with anxiety. Becky is married to Jared; they have 3 kids and she has written several amazing books addressing all things life, marriage and motherhood. She is the founder of the Midnight Mom Devotional, an online community of over 1-million women worldwide connecting together through nightly prayer. If you’ve ever felt the weight of anxiety in your life, you’ll definitely want to tune in!