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How To Rise When Change Happens With Bailey Allen

Apologizing for trying to figure your life out is not necessary. When you work for yourself, you’ll always work harder than when you work for anyone else. -Bailey Allen

Bailey Allen | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

What does it look like to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood? If you’re in the throes of business and mothering, you know that there’s an art to not only finding but also maintaining a healthy balance. Throw owning multiple businesses, your husband being your business partner and a global pandemic in the mix and you’ve got a plate full!

Today, my friend Bailey Allen reminds us of the importance of establishing intentional boundaries around family time and business time to be able to thrive in both. She shares with us how having a solid foundation, learning through trial and error and evolving as a business owner has brought her to where she is today.

Quotes I Like:

  1. Any of the failures I had in the beginning have all just been lessons for me to this point in time.

  2. Just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean you’re not good at other things.

  3. Work will always be there- your kids won’t always be kids.

  4. When you’re in a business conversation, remember that it’s just business.

  5. Apologizing for trying to figure your life out is not necessary. When you work for yourself, you’ll always work harder than when you work for anyone else.

  6. Set intentional time aside just for you to do some dreaming because you are worthy of whatever you want to go after.

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Using what you’ve learned from past failures to grow and build from

  • Being flexible when change comes to find ways to keep your business up and running

  • Balancing work and life when you run multiple businesses and have a family

  • Establishing boundaries around working hours to protect your non-working hours

  • Establishing boundaries around work related tasks- i.e.- social media accounts, emails, etc.

  • The working relationship when building a business with a spouse

  • Understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses in home life and work life to achieve and maintain success

  • Cultivating your identity in both yourself and your entrepreneurship

  • Setting aside time to validate yourself as a woman, wife and mother to find happiness and worth

A little bit more from Bailey herself:

Being a Stay at Home Mom was something I always thought I wanted, until I became one. While I LOVE being Mom to three fabulous babes: Harper (10), Dylan (8), and Bowen (4), I felt called to do more than my life was requiring of me. I give all of the credit to the full-time stay at home Mom’s, that is hard work!

After chasing my husband’s dream eleven years ago, Bailey Allen Makeup was built during our oldest’s nap time. With social media not being a big thing for businesses at the time, word of mouth was my driving force.

With trial & error, years of continuing education, an introduction of social media, and a solid foundation all of our businesses can stand on, I’ve officially evolved into the “planner” role within our now FOUR collective businesses. I am the strategies, the systems, the boundary gate-keeper, and the added-value police. My role within anything we do has everything to do with the mileage I put into Bailey Allen Makeup all those years ago. The blood, the sweat, and the tears (oh the tears!) were all preparing me for where I am today!


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