What Is Really Causing Our Kids Big Emotions - With Danielle Bettmann

"While we need to look out for our children’s physical health during this time, we need to give the same amount of vigilance to their emotional and mental health as well." - Danielle Bettmann

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Danielle Bettmann | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

If you’ve been a parent for long, you’ve probably realized that it’s not an easy job. There’s not a lot of glamour, but there sure is excitement. #hotmessexpress You’ve more than likely faced sleepless nights and tantrums and meltdowns that have left you reeling from whatever it is your child just went through. More often than not we’re wondering, “What the heck just happened and how do we get off this rollercoaster ride!?” Can you relate? Figuring out how our child is feeling and dealing with their emotions is a big challenge, but it’s one we thankfully don’t have to face alone.

In this episode we’ll chat with Danielle Bettmann, a mama of 2 who started her own Parent Coaching business, Wholeheartedly in 2019. She uses her skills and training as an early childhood educator to come alongside other parents and encourage them in their goals of providing what’s best for their kids. She shares about why it’s important to connect with our kids on a deeper level so as a family we can develop problem solving strategies when faced with big emotions. We dive into some tips and resources we can use as parents to help set our kids up for success when their emotions start to take over.

In this conversation, we talked about: