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How to Change Your Pintrest Game and Up Your Business Views Part 2

The average life span of a Pin is 3,000 days. - Lindsay Peragine

Chelsea Wessman | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Have you though, I just don't have time for another platform and Pintrest just looks like a massive beast to tackle. My friend I'm gonna need you yo flip that thinkings because Pintrest can drive traffic over and over to your content and website. Let me say that again.... It doesn't just live in the algorithms for a few days it's OVER and OVER. In this episode I chat with Lindsay Peragine and she dives in to how you can easily make Pintrest work for your business and gives you all the little details to be successful! She gave us so much content that we had to split all her goodness into two episodes!

Lindsay Peragine is a business coach and marketing specialist that is particularly obsessed with Pinterest. She is the owner of the digital marketing agency, Key Lime Media, host of the Caffeinate & Create podcast, and the founder of the Chaos to Clarity Accelerator, where she helps take overwhelmed entrepreneurs from confused to crushing it on social media in 90 days!

She confesses that she is a lover of coffee and good books, with a weakness for ice cream. As a wife and mom to two little ones, her passion is to help other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses without feeling overwhelmed, no matter what season of life they are in!

In this half of the conversation, we covered:

  • The technical aspects of creating your own visually dynamic pins

  • Great content + a good strategy = monetizing your Pinterest account which is the end goal

  • Always have your website on your pin

  • Image sizing

  • Canva for create image content

  • Visually dynamic Pins and Pictures

  • The content of you need in your posts

  • Creating a strategy around Pinterest

  • You should only need a few minutes each day

  • Pinterest loves fresh content

  • How Pinterest and Instagram play well together

  • Affiliate Links and Pinterest

  • How To automate Pins

  • Using Tailwind for Pinterest

  • Multiple Pins for the same thing

  • Does your image have to match your webpage/ blog post

  • What is “Fresh” Content


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