Postpartum Depression and Anxiety It's Not Your Fault

You will find the light again, it won't always feel this way. I promise there will be joy again - Michelle Hagen

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I found myself googling symptoms of postpartum depression. I was reading the blogs and medical posts thinking well I'm not that bad, at least I think I'm not. I mean I get out of bed, I feed my kids, I cry a lot, I worry about things more than before but I'm not THAT bad. Until my husband told me if I didn't call the doctor and say I needed help he would be calling for me. I took the steps to get help and realized I was deeper in depression and anxiety than I realized. In the steps to get better I realized that I most likely also had postpartum depression with my first son and on top of hard pregnancies, a high risk pregnancy, postpartum preeclampsia, a traumatic birth, and hard recoveries. I found myself in a place I never thought I would be and I thought it was something that sounded weak to admit. But facing the reality I was in and that there was nothing I did to make it happen and it wasn't my fault was freeing. I found my way back to the light and I know that if you are feeling like it did, that you can too!

Join me as we have a chat just you and I about what postpartum was really like for me, in hopes that you don't feel so alone or that it helps you to understand how a loved is feeling.

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