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5 Tips To Bring The JoyBack To Your Instagram

Not every post is going to get a resounding effect. The point is that you showed up and served your community. - Mia Lauren

Mia Lauren | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Have you had thought, I just can’t keep up with Instagram. My feed is not as perfect as others and I just don’t look as fancy. Once I have more time and energy to give I will put the work into Instagram? Then my friend you are missing the joy of what Instagram and you need to tune into this episode!

Instagram has over 1 Billion users on the platform. It’s a place where you can serve through your posts and connect to build community. You can find your ideal clients easier than other platforms. It’s a huge market and a great way to build your business. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming and as moms we just don’t always have the time we feel needed to do it justice.

Mia is a military wife and mom to a sweet 3 year old boy and as of the recording a baby on the way ( The baby is officially here now!) Mia had a corporate 9 to 5 job but had a son with chronic health issues and out of desperation looked for a way to work from home so she could be with her son. Mia became a virtual assistant to other entrepreneurs and during that time she realized she had knowledge in Instagram that other entrepreneurs needed. She realized she could show mom entrepreneurs how to bring the joy back to Instagram as an Instagram strategist!


In this episode Mia shares 5 ways to bring the joy back to your social!

  1. Get really clear on who your ideal client or audience is. When you speak to everyone you are speaking to no one. You need to write to the one person who needs your product or service the most.

  2. Post Quality, not quantity. Post when you have something of quality to say. Don’t feel like you need to be on instagram all day. Do what is the best for your lifestyle when it comes to content, but try to at least show up daily in your instagram stories.

  3. Batch your content. It is proven that you work better if you sit down and focus on one thing. By sitting down and giving yourself dedicated time you will be able to create more at one time. Try to have 5 pillars of content that you post of so your audience starts to know the content you are known for. Pick a time each day that works for you to be on Instagram when you post so that you can use that time to engage with your audience before and after you post to social.

  4. Take the messy action. You don’t need to show up with the perfect hair, clothes, or set up. Just show up and take action in the middle of motherhood. Not every post is going to get a resounding effect. The point is that you showed up and served your community. Scroll back to your favorite people on instagram, and you will find their instagram

  5. Focus on Building Relationships. You will not be an overnight success, you need to show up and connect with your community. Building a community that trusts will help you when it comes to presenting them with an offer.


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- You can do this mama, in the middle of motherhood no matter how busy the years get! -


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