5 Tips To Bring The JoyBack To Your Instagram

Not every post is going to get a resounding effect. The point is that you showed up and served your community. - Mia Lauren

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Mia Lauren | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Have you had thought, I just can’t keep up with Instagram. My feed is not as perfect as others and I just don’t look as fancy. Once I have more time and energy to give I will put the work into Instagram? Then my friend you are missing the joy of what Instagram and you need to tune into this episode!

Instagram has over 1 Billion users on the platform. It’s a place where you can serve through your posts and connect to build community. You can find your ideal clients easier than other platforms. It’s a huge market and a great way to build your business. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming and as moms we just don’t always have the time we feel needed to do it justice.

Mia is a military wife and mom to a sweet 3 year old boy and as of the recording a baby on the way ( The baby is officially here now!) Mia had a corporate 9 to 5 job but had a son with chronic health issues and out of desperation looked for a way to work from home so she could be with her son. Mia became a virtual assistant to other entrepreneurs and during that time she realized she had knowledge in Instagram that other entrepreneurs needed. She realized she could show mom entrepreneurs how to bring the joy back to Instagram as an Instagram strategist!

In this episode Mia shares 5 ways to bring the joy back to your social!