The Push and Pull of Time Management, Balance, and Life

"Time management is just trial and error and we are all different. Keep looking till you find what works for you." -Kelly LeFleur

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Kelly LeFleur | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Have you ever wished someone would just tell it like it is being a mom of littles and running a successful business? Kelly is real and tells it like it is and how she shifted in her business in different season of life and motherhood. Today Kelly gave us her best tips on time management and balance being an entrepreneur.

Kelly is a wedding filmmaker based in Omaha Nebraska. She has a passion for telling stories that led to a degree in journalism but as she started post-college life as a new wife and quickly new parent, she knew journalism wasn’t her path. However, she always had a goal of filming weddings in the back of her mind. She and her husband didn’t have a wedding video from their wedding day and it was a regret. In 2016, when her daughters were 2 and 10 months, Kelly launched a wedding videography business to give couples the gift of their wedding day memories while balancing being the primary caretaker. Lacework Films grew into their family's full-time support in 2019 and she currently runs the business while her awesome husband rocks the role of stay-at-home dad to their 6 and 4 year old daughters and 2 year old son.

Kelly's Tips To Time Management and Balance in Motherhood and Business:

Write it down - There are times when you are trying to keep track of all the mom things, business, family, ect and it gets hard to remember everything. Just brain dump and write it all down. Write down EVERYTHING you need to do in life and business. Even if it is to just relieve your brain and to help make things real. Sometimes you are carrying so much in your brain that you need to just let it out. This can also help with clarity in your business and your life to help you find places to “move the needle” and to help you accomplish more.

Setting Boundaries - Decide what is working for you in your season on life in regard to your business. Decide with your significant other what is going to work for your business and how much time, clients, bookings, ect on how much you can accomplish and still show up in your life the way you want. It’s a work and life give and pull