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Rise and Shine With This 6 Minute Routine

Ever feel like owning a business and having a family is a juggling act sometimes? It’s difficult to know how to prioritize your business goals and mesh those together with a busy family schedule that’s constantly evolving.

Tabitha Cee | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Tabitha is a busy mama of two littles, a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and she’d be the first to tell you that’s been true in her life. She is passionate about staying focused on the joy in motherhood and systematizing essential tasks to help you do just that. She has successfully developed practical solutions that take you from feeling exhausted and frustrated to energized and productive in your everyday mom life. She’s a lifelong Alaskan addicted to bulletproof coffee and self-help books and shares her ideas and tips on her blog, Tabitha offers the Rise & Shine Mini-Course to help empower mamas to master their mornings and is about to launch her brand new group coaching program, Simplify Motherhood- do less with more love! Let’s dive in to hear all about how we can set our day up for success by implementing 6 key steps into our routine.

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Being proactive instead of reactive at the start of our day

  • Creating habits to consistently achieve goals throughout the day

  • Training yourself to take action from the moment you wake up

  • Positively fueling your body from the inside out

  • Shifting your perspective to be more aware of your own self worth

  • Personal growth by way of positive affirmation and self reflection

  • Priming our subconscious by cultivating happiness and gratitude

  • The importance of giving yourself grace in this season of early motherhood


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- You can do this mama, in the middle of motherhood no matter how busy the years get! -

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