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  • Cheer Section

    Every month
    You love the podcast and want to keep cheering it on!
    • 1. You are supporting the show and cheering us on!
    • 2. Hand written letter with encouragement each month!
  • Raving Fan

    Every month
    You love the show so much you can't help but share it!
    • 1. Our thanks and appreciation you love the show!
    • 2. Hand letter of encouragement each month from Michelle!
    • 3. Special surprise gift every 6 months of giving!
  • Fan Girl Status!

    Every month
    You're obsessed and can't get enough!
    • 1. You're my people! I couldn't do it without you!
    • 2. Handwritten encouragement from Michelle each month!
    • 3. Special gift every 4 months of giving!
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