Let's Do This! 

  • 2 hr Strategy Session to dig into your biggest area of need for sales

    2 hr

    375 US dollars

Strategy Sessions 

In our time together we will focus on one area that we can improve your sales. These areas can include:

Systems and Processes: 

 - You need help with your systems and processes before you can truly achieve your biggest sales goals! You know having someone come in and help you clean up your day to day and business tracking could change the game for you.

- We will look over the day to day of your business and I'll help you automate and make sure the tasks you are doing during peak hours are making you money. You will have create a daily, weekly, and monthly work flow schedule.

- We will work on all area's of your business tracking. Lead management, sales goal tracking, and business expense tracking. You will have a plan and process in place of how you are going to track each area. You will have actionable items that will help to keep you on top of your tracking.

Ideal Client and Sales Pitch:

- You need to make sure your sales message is clear and reaching the right people. In this coaching session we will talk about your ideal client and how they fit into the 3 types of buyers. We will discuss how you are pitching and getting your product or service in-front of your buyer.

-We will discuss your ideal client and make sure you know exactly who you are talking to and the story you are telling them. You will walk away with a detailed outline of your ideal client and the sales story and pitch you are using on your ideal client

Increasing Sales:

- In this session we will talk about your current wins in sales and have an overview of all sales. We will identify areas you are leaving money on the table and where you can increase sales on your current offers.

- We will brainstorm on ideas of how you can take your business to the next level or new offerings you could give your clients. We will create action steps around how you can implement the the ideas we discover for your business. 

- We will create a sales goal and create an action plan of achieving that goal with attainable steps.

What You Will Gain



We will discuss you big goals and what you want to achieve. I will help you hone based on which area of focus you need to work on in your systems and processes, who your ideal client is, and how to get to the next level. 


I give you tangible tools and specific actions items to complete in order keep moving yourself forward. You will leave with a clear plan of of action and how to improve the area of sales we are focusing on and what you should work on next after you have mastered your skills.


Having someone hold you accountable to action items and tasks, helps to keep you on track and moving forward. You will feel supported and I will never ask you to accomplish more than I feel you are capable of doing in your season of life.  


We will connect once for a 1:1 strategy session. You will receive an email before our meeting time to fill out and gather specific information to maximize our time together.


Strategy sessions take place online via Zoom or if you are in the Omaha area in person. 


After we connect and get raw and honest about you, your goals, and what’s holding you back, I work closely with you to deliver specific strategies and to help you reach your goals to the best of my ability. 

 How a Sales Strategy Session Can help you:

Create Systems and processes

that will help you to scale your business 

when the time is comes.

Refine and create your sales pitch.

Know your why behind your business 

How to create content

specific to your business

Create the foundations of your business 

Who your ideal client is and how 

to speak to them

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