Sales Strategy

Creating a Sales Strategy using messaging

& your authenticity


Your launch failed or you can’t figure out why nothing is selling when your  product or service is so stinking good. How can they not see it?!

You built this business because of the fire burnt in your heart to create it, 

all while having a desire to still be with your kids every day. 

Now let’s make this business actually create the revenue you want! 


In the perfect world our businesses would be like the movie Field of Dreams Right?!  If you build it. They will come! 


Unfortunately, we might hear the whisper in our heart to build it but,

our audience doesn’t hear it to come!


Hard truth -

sometimes our audience isn’t coming

because you aren’t selling in the way they need to hear it

or you gave up on them and didn’t fully finish the launch to the end. 


Your job is to create in only the way you can create and my job is to help you show your audience that when you build it -

they need to come!


So often I see people selling or launching

from a place of stress and desperation. 

Instead you should be selling and launching

from a place of preparedness and rest! 


This is where I come in!




We will discuss your ideal client and make sure you know exactly who you are talking to and the story you are telling them. You will walk away with a detailed outline of your ideal client and the sales story and pitch you are using on your ideal client

Writing Your Perfect Messaging 

You need to make sure your sales message is clear and reaching the right people. We will talk about your ideal client and how they fit into the 3 types of buyers. We will discuss how you are pitching and getting your product or service in-front of your buyer. You might think Michelle I already know this - but you would be surprised how often people THINK they know but really they need a few tweaks and it becomes crystal clear!



Idea Magic:

Next we dream big! - And when I say WE I mean WE - I have you tell me all your ideas and dreams, and then my creative sales brain starts shooting out ideas of how I could see you getting there. We talk about things I think will and won’t work, and come up with new ideas too. This is my favorite part of the process! 

The Journey

Your client journey is key to turn buyers into fans and supporters who can’t wait to buy and want to share your product!




You will walk away with a strategy outline and the action steps to put it into place! This will include ideas content, social, website, and pitching. (Note that I am not a copy writer and no not create any copy for you. I give you the strategy behind what you need to create.)


Sometimes we are so close to our own genius we can’t see the few holes that are stopping us from getting to the next level.


This is my zone of genius girl! After one session with me my clients have said, “I didn’t even realize that this is what I really needed.”

Let’s hit the ball out of the park cuz girl you built it now let’s make the ready to buy it.




My proven 5 Step Process

Custom Done For You - Sales Calendar or Launch Content Calendar

30 day Voxer access




In case we haven't met yet, I'm Michelle!

There’s nothing I love more than Jesus and celebrating business goals over a good happy hour mid-shelf margarita with my friends. Think of me as your big biz sister who drinks coffee and gives out of the box genius advice as fast Lorelei Gilmore. 


I become instant friends with everyone I meet and I love cheering people on in their big dreams no matter how big and audaitouse they might be! 


I have over a decade of sales experience from working for and with; fortune 500 companies, course creators, community builders, creatives, to working with a small e-commerce business back in the day when facebook first made business pages. (Agh, I just aged myself! ) I have held every position from owner to supporter and I have sold; in person, over the phone, virtually, cold calling, in the DMs, via a landing page, and even door to door! (This was back in the day when I worked for a magazine and they made me sell ad space by actually cold call walking into businesses. My how selling and the laws of cold calling have changed in a decade!) 


I can’t wait to meet you, to help you create a strategy, and to become one of your biggest cheerleaders! 


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