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Spilling the Tea on the Podcast's One Year Anniversary

"I want to hold space for our community and I want to make sure that whatever is coming out is super relevant to the community right now." - Michelle Hagen

Madison Anaya - Michelle Hagen

Happy 1 year to the Living Your Calling podcast! I can hardly believe a whole year has already flown by in this amazing community, and to celebrate, I thought we would mix things up a bit and have my girl, Madison Anaya, join me as the guest host for today's episode. Madison is the host of The Fearless Chase, a business education and lifestyle platform and community that helps female creative entrepreneurs build businesses and lives centered around what truly matters to them - but more than that, she is my business bestie and wing woman!

Today we talk all things podcasting and why I started this community in the first place. My sincerest THANK YOU to each of you for being here and supporting me along the way - I could not do this without you all, friends. Join in to hear all the tea on year one of the podcast PLUS some major mic drop announcements that you don't want to miss!

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