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Running After Your Dreams

"God is speaking to us in ways that we're not even paying attention to and if we open up our minds and pay attention to it, He is literally right there telling us what to do." - Michaela Sova

Michaela Sova - Michelle Hagen

With a deep love for all things sports, Michaela Sova went to school to become a sports broadcast journalist. She combined her passion of journalism and photography in a number of sports broadcasting jobs across the country.

After going through an abusive marriage and subsequent divorce, Michaela found herself in need of healing and took the time to focus on her own well-being. Through this time she discovered a particular talent and love for running. In 2014 she was diagnosed with a heart condition to which her doctor insisted that she would never run more than a mile or two again.

Michaela was determined to prove him wrong, so she signed up to run a marathon, and she did it!

Talking about this experience, she said, "I am going to prove you wrong, and I did. I am going to push myself to try and do something that someone is telling me that I am not going to do."

In our conversation today, Michaela shares how changing your mental attitude allows you to accomplish so much more in your life. From sports journalism, to running marathons, to healing from divorce, and ultimately finding happiness and her dream job, Michaela takes us along on her journey of self-discovery and self-fulfillment.

One thing I loved from our discussion on today's episode was the reminder Michaela shared that she has tattooed on her wrist, "Thank God for the almost." It is so true that God has a plan for us and we may not see the end from the beginning but He is there and He is leading the way.

Join us in our conversation to learn more about Michaela's journey running multiple marathons, navigating training during the COVID pandemic, and working for Peloton.

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