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Overcoming Our All or Nothing Mindset in Our Health and Fitness

“Working out with our kids shows them that it’s something that is normal and they will adapt it into their lives as they grow up." - Julia Hickman

Julia Hickman - Michelle Hagen

Often times we find ourselves falling off the bandwagon in health and fitness - it happens to the best of us. So often many of us think we have to live an all or nothing life style. We either have to go totally carb free or we find ourselves eating all the pasta and then have guilt for it later. This isn't the way it has to be and having this mindset it not sustainable. Today we are going to be talking with Julia on how to overcome the all or nothing mindset of health and fitness.

Julia Hickman is a mom, wife, and lifestyle and online fitness coach helping time-crunched female professionals make fitness improve, not consume, their lives so they can feel empowered and energized to perform at their highest levels at home and at work. Her company is called Fastinista Online Studio, a play on words on training fast and being feminine and fashionable.

Her business started as a SAHM side gig after quitting her corporate career to be home with her son. She now helps busy, goal-oriented women reach and maintain their health and fitness goals with a supportive online program that pairs core-connecting, strength and cardio movements, meal planning solutions and accountability.

Quotes I loved:

Crazy long workouts are not sustainable - we have to find the balance in our lives.

It doesn't have to be as perfect as the fitness industry makes us try to believe - find what feels good to you.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Start with something and build off of that.

Working out with our kids shows them that it’s something that is normal and they will adapt it into their lives as they grow up.

When it comes to meals it’s not meal prepping that is important, we really need to think about planning ahead.

Before we were moms we were women, and we need to focus on our inner happiness.

In this conversation, we covered:

What we talked about in this episode:

Health basics and how to make simple changes

How to figure out the best time to work out

How to incorporate kids into your workout

Helping kids find balance for healthy foods

Finding the balance in family meals

How to plan ahead and not meal plan

How loving yourself is a huge part of your health

Tips for staying stress free in this season

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