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The Three Things You Need To Launch Successfully 

Are you not putting your offer out there or moving forward because you’re not ready or because you’re scared? - Nicole Nieves

Nicole Nieves | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

So you dreamed up an idea, built a course, created a product and it’s time to launch it! You're nervous and scared if anyone will actually purchase what you have worked so hard to create. So now what? What are the first steps you need to tell the world? Today we are going to talk with Nicole Nieves about the three M’s to launching and how to achieve them.

Nicole is a marketing and brand strategist helping entrepreneurs and personal brands to start, launch, and market their genius so they can make an income while making an impact. Through her boutique creative agency, The Brand Vibe, she helps clients attract their dream clients and scale their business through personal branding, digital marketing, and launch strategy. Nicole is born and raised in Chicago, married to her high school sweetheart, and a coffee-obsessed mama to 3 boys who always keep things interesting!

Messy Action

You just need to take action and see what is resonating with people, what is working, and what isn’t.

We all what things to be perfect but if we wait till they are perfect we will never be ready.


Content Marketing - Use your words to build the know like and trust factor.

Use your story to build authority

Pick the platform you are good at and go after it and do it really well.


We are putting our heart and soul behind what we are launching

Impostor syndrome and spiraling when things don’t go as planned

What is your goal that is not monetary that will drive you forward

Center your mindset so you are growing from your launch

Launch from rest not stress

My favorite quotes:

  • I wasn’t staying in my zone of genius, why would I not do that.

  • Are you not putting your offer out there or moving forward because you’re not ready or because you’re scared?

  • Being able to take messy actions means you are able to practice what we preach.

  • As entrepreneurs we have full authority to pivot and change as we would like.

  • Your words and your story matter - Connect people to your heart

  • It’s worth growing at a slower pace to make sure you aren’t sacrificing what is most important to you.

  • You need to launch from a place of rest, not stress.

  • Think about how what you are creating will help your clients

  • Every season of motherhood is special in its own way.

In this Conversation We Covered:

  • Do you need to create something totally new to create a business?

  • Being a serial dreamer

  • How hardships are blessings

  • The 3 M’s of Launching

  • Messy Action

  • Marketing

  • Feeling like building your business is worth your time away from your kids

  • Mindset

  • Launching from rest

  • Even if you don’t hit your goals - serve the people who came

  • Make sure you ideal client front of mind and what you are creating is for them

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