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How to OvercomeStress and FatigueIn Your Body With Caroline Potter

Ask yourself, is this a good thing or is this the best thing I can be doing for my family, my health and my business right now. - Caroline Potter

Caroline Potter | Michelle Hagen | The Busy Years Podcast

Do you ever have days where you just feel tired and no amount of coffee seems to give you the boost you so desperately need? The stress and fatigue our bodies feel day to day can be a sign of something more than just needing a caffeine boost- it could indicate we’re facing adrenal fatigue. Some of us are all too familiar with navigating postpartum depression and anxiety while balancing family time and business but adding adrenal fatigue to the mix could be why you’re feeling the way you feel.

In today's conversation, we chat with Caroline Potter. She’s a wife, mama and the voice behind Flourish where she encourages women to cultivate conscious living, balance grace with gumption and make small changes to have a big impact on their health, joy and energy! Caroline believes that as women we don't have to be tired and overwhelmed all the time and shows women how to take steps towards healing so that we can thrive, not just survive day to day. Caroline is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, leads a team educating for safer beauty with Beautycounter and is the author of the cookbook, All American Paleo Table.

So let’s dive in to learn from Caroline and hear her recommendations for taking practical steps to overcome adrenal fatigue and find healing in your life.

My favorite quotes:

Being a mom and an entrepreneur are so similar because no one hands you a playbook. You have to figure it all out yourself.

Give yourself some grace and press pause- it’s okay.

Ask yourself, is this a good thing or is this the best thing I can be doing for my family, my health and my business right now.

If you’re in a status quo that you don’t think is your full potential, have the courage to say “This is not okay and I’m going to do something to change this.”

As a mom and a person with a servant heart, so often we can forget that we really can feel better than we’re currently feeling.

When you feel your best self, you can love and serve others to the best of your ability.

In this conversation, we covered:

  • Learning to work smarter and not harder

  • Fully understanding what stress is, both positively and negatively

  • Unpacking the compounding adverse effects of our modern lifestyles on our body’s health and functionality

  • Setting aside time to “brain-dump” and evaluate all the facets of your day to day to help you navigate what to say yes and no to

  • Knowing your body’s cues and signals when facing stressful situations

  • Choosing for yourself when it’s time to make a change to your status quo to be your best self

  • Practical solutions for overcoming adrenal fatigue and finding healing in your life

    • Building margin days into your routine

    • Incorporate Self Care into your routine

Other great things we mentioned:


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